Monday, July 13, 2015

#7 No Clever Subject Line This Week...

My mind has kinda been in a boggle this week. (Is that an expression?) The Puno winter finally caught up to me and I've been a little under the weather. But never fear all is well. Mostly.

So so much happens these days that I don't really know what to say so my plan was to just send a bunch of pictures and videos but this computer doesn't recognize my camera as a camera so... I cannot. Sorry! So I guess I'll just tell you some cool stuff.

1. Puno is cool. I'm in the ward Victoria where every one is super nice and super late... to everything. It's like living with Beebo all over again. (Chiste. Love ya beebz. write me.) But yeah its Moapa Valley standard time but 4 times worse. So that's... a tad frustrating but hey when in... Puno. 

2. We have a baptism this week!!! 2 weeks in and I'm already convertin'! Can I get an amen? I guess I can't really take credit for this one. His name is Rafael, he's 9 years old, and his family is currently on the track to being reactivated. He's a sweetheart and super excited to be baptized! 

3. We have a baptism next week as well!!! And I have a little bit more to do with this one. His name is William and we've had.... 3 visits with him. He's 20 and super chill and just really loves to learn. He's open with his questions and just really has that desire. So that's really cool. 

4. It's really funny because people talk to me, and I have literally no idea what they are saying. Ever. Until Hna. Gonzalez translates it for me in her Spanish which is usually the exact thing that they said. So it takes twice as long for me to have a conversation. Woo! 

5. Today for p day, it was an all zone p day and we went to this giant,I mean huge, but I cannot show you, community slide. Which is just as gross as it sounds. It's probably one of the least sanitary things I've ever done. But it was also super legit. Gahh I wish I could send my videos! It's like 3 stories high and just the sickest (in both senses of the word) thing. 

I don't really know what else to say... 

6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I totally made this cute little card and took a picture of it to send to you, but my pictures won't work!! So I can't send it! I'm sorry! 

Well that's about all I got this week... I'm still learning about the people and the language and the whole mission thing. My life feels like... I don't even know. But once I do, these letters will probably be a little bit better. But until then, this is it! Keep doing great things, or start, whatever.I'll catch ya on the flip side. All my love, from Puno, 
Hermana Rust! 

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