Monday, September 28, 2015

#18 Rust Beef

SO one morning, this week, Hna Gonzalez woke up and the first thing she said to me was "You know, I've been thinking, and your name sounds a lot like Roast Beef. Rust Beef." And then she chuckled to herself, said "Rust Beef" a couple more times, and then knelt down and started saying her prayer. Rust Beef.

Ok so can we just talk about how good Women's Conference was?? I only got to listen to the last couple talks because the thing wasn't working, but holy cow those last two talks, Hna McKonkie and Pres. Uctdorf, like holy cow. Super great. One thing I really liked that McKonkie said was "We have each other, we are in this together" Because when I heard that, it was just four of us missionaries together in a little room watching the session in English, and I just thought, yeah, we do have each other, and I know that with these girls, I can do this. So yeah kinda a powerful moment for me. And then another part I liked from Pres. Uchtdorf was, well his whole talk. But he said, or rather Rose said, " Forever is composed of now's" and we have the choice of how our "nows" are going to be. And that really stuck out to me as well. In the mission, its really easy to start thinking, well once Gaby is baptized, my mission will have worth, or once this transfer is over, I'll finally be happy. But then if I think like that, how is my eternity going to look. Kinda dreary right? Now Forever is composed of nows. And I can make my nows however I want! I got the power! So yeah those are my insights concerning that.
Ok so some big news, this week we finally committed a couple to get married! They are Gaby and Victor. Gaby isn't a member, and Victor is less active. They have a little boy named Aaron and he is the chunkiest thing you've ever seen I promise. But I don't have a picture so, take my word for it. But yeah they've been receiving the lessons for something like four years and now they have a wedding date and on that same day, Gaby is going to be baptized! I know its a lot for one day, but that's what she wanted! So October 18 we'll be marrying and baptizing and partying. I've never been to a Peruvian wedding.... so that'll be interesting. 

Lets see what else happened... Our ward has a ton of faith in us... they set goals to have 12 rescues this month and 8 baptisms. So Gonzo and I have our work cut out for us... October is gonna be craaaazy! I think that's all that happened this week. I'm doing well, I'm basically healthy ( I just cut my foot on a chair and now I'm spewing blood.) and I'm happy. So clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Unfortunately that song is allowed in our mission. I hear it all the time. 

Yeah well love you all and enjoy conference! I'll be watching right there with ya, only a couple thousand miles away! Yay for prophets! 
Con amor, 
Rust Beef. 

This is the son of our pension. He was a gorilla for a big dance festival that they had here. His name is Edu. 

Me in my cute raincoat. with my cute umbrella. In the cute rain. Hna Gonzalez and I are cute. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

#17 Prone to wander....

I don't really know why, but that like "Prone to wander" has been in my mind as of late. Which is weird, because I don't feel like I am wandering, or lost, but I feel like this kinda applies to my life. I guess what I want to say is that we all are kinda prone to wander. But if we come unto Christ, we can find the way. This was just a totally random thought I had right now. Hope you enjoyed it.

So today is transfers and I am not leaving my beloved Puno yet! And for that I am soooooo happy. I was so worried I was going to leave. And I'm sticking with my momma, my trainer for another cambio! Whooop! And sadly, that is all I have to report. 

For those who are keeping up with my rabies and all, I only have one more injection left and then I'm rabies free! 

I'm sorry for the lame letter, but I just have no time left! Next week will be better, I promise! 

Love you all and keep trusting in Heavenly Father! He knows what's up. 
Con Amor ,
Hermana Rust! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#16 Floating Islands... and stuff!

Before we get rolling, I gotta give a special shoutout to my main Overton second ward family and RM de mision Cusco! The family is the Noto family! I hope they read this on facebook... But they are so great they sent me a package with a bunch of little treats and cute little quotes to go with them and it was just kinda the best day ever!!! And they sent me a Big Hunk which is probably my favorite candy ever so thanks so much for that!!! Love you Notos! Also Alyssa Ramos is kinda the sweetest girl out there. She's been sending my packages throughout my mission and they have been super sweet and I just love her! I love you Alyssa!! So yeah, special shoutouts.

So you know those floating Islands in lake Titicaca made only out of reeds? Yeah, totes went to those this past week. And they are even more legit than you think. Because they are literally just piles of reeds! That people live on! Like what? And they are bouncy!! So they are living their lives literally on a trampoline... all day. I am eternally jealous and a little bit grateful that that isn't my life... I'm torn. (nothings fine I'm torn. That's for Beebz and Ansley.) So yeah we went to do service and the service is picking up the houses... and moving them. Like we literally picked up the houses... and moved them. So that was something knew. I've never picked up a house before, and let me tell you, its not easy. And with one of them, we had to put the house on two boats and sail it to the other side of the island. One of the elders fell in the water. It was a good day. I'll send pics. 

Also this week, we had our interviews with President and Sister Harbertson. Holy Hannah Montana I love them. Like it was such a cool experience and they both talked to me about the things that I needed and gave me great advice. I love them so much!!! So cool.

Well I'm running short on time and I still want to send pictures so we're gonna end here. I love you all, the Church is true, and Heavenly Father loves us! How great do we have it?! hope all is well and the next time you hear from me, I will be officially done with training and I will be a real life missionary!!! 
Holla at your Hermana! Love you all!
Hermana Rust

selfie with floating islands. #basicwhitegirl

Floating islands and Hna G's camera 

I look bald, but tha'ts me, Hna McMahon, and Hna Baker. We're eating on a island made out of reeds! Who can even say that! Oh wait. I can. 

Once again bald.... but Hna Gonzalez, Hna Mendez, y yo!! Also on the islands. 

And finish off, that's a giant puma that we hiked too last week... its like the condor, just suuuuper cooooler!   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#15 The Tenth Day

So I didn't find the dog. My tenth day to find the little booger was Friday, and we had no such luck. So I started rabies treatment today!! Whooo!

 Everyone told me that the shots would be in doses of like 12 shots and in the stomach and that I was going to die. But everyone was wrong!!! Its 5 shots, in the arm, spread out through the course of 2 ish weeks. But it was kinda a huge hassle getting the shots. Because technically, I was supposed to start on Friday. So that night we went to the hospital to start, but the doctors just kinda yelled at us for not getting treatment earlier and told us that the rabies department of the hospital was closed and that we'd have to come back tomorrow. Then we went back Saturday, the 11th day, to start treatment, and we got the same lecture and then they told us that they wouldn't have the treatment there until Monday. And then our Zone leader called us Sunday morning and told us we'd have to go to Juliaca and find a hospital that has the vaccination si o si. Then we ended up not going to Juliaca Sunday and this morning I was injected and now I have four more and I should be rabies free. If I start foaming out the mouth and I don't know, wolverine out, then we've got a problem. But I think all is well.

So this week was all about less actives and members from the "otro lado" from our ward. Which was super great! Having a big new ward is intimidating but I'm glad I have the opportunity to meet new people and get help from the new members of our ward. I feel like its going to be a lot stronger with a lot more support for the missionary work. And a lot bigger.

 It was cool getting to know all of our less actives and helping them out a little. There is one that is particularly close to my heart. Her name is Angela. And I love her to pieces. She was baptized something like 15 years ago and has been basically less active ever since. But she's got a super great heart and a huge capacity to learn. We hit it off with her from the get go and we've basically been friends ever since. She's about 34 ish years old. We've been really focusing on befriending her because the relationship she had with the missionaries before wasn't the best. When she was baptized, they basically didn't teach her anything and then baptized her and then left her. And we don't want to do the same. So I've been helping her out with English and we've done service a couple times at her house because they´re rebuilding. We've taught her a couple times and she always completes her commitments. And I just love her

. It's knew for me to just love someone and want to be friends with them regardless that they are 10+ years older than me and I can only understand what they are saying about half the time. I've never been able to love so easily, and have that love be reciprocated. Because I know she loves me too. And one thing I am working on is to feel that same, unconditional love for all our other investigators and less active and recent converts and active members. Because one thing that has been drilled into my brain since being here is that love really is the key. If I don't love them, I literally can't do anything for them. I might be able to teach them something, but it wont do me any good if I don't let love be my motivation. 

It's amazing how the mission does this to you. gives you this great capacity to love. And for that I am so grateful. I think that might have been one of my weapons of rebellion before, not wanting to love the people. Especially when I first got to Puno. But I feel a change in my heart. And I know its the work of the Lord. Love really is the key. Love is all you need. The Beatles.

 Well my challenge for you all is just to grow your capacity to love. Because its possible. And if we work on it, before long, you´re passing people on the street and just thinking, wow. I love them. And that i s a beautiful thing. I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel and doing the will of the Lord! And remember, love is all you need.See ya next week! Love you all!!!!!Hermana Rust