Monday, January 25, 2016

#35 How do you say adios?

In Spanish, at least here in Peru, they don't say adios. They Chao. Chao is more of like "yeah we'll see ya later" and adios is only used when its something set. Permanent. Goodbye. How do you say good bye? Since being here in Peru, not once have I told someone "Adios". Always chao. Because I knew that I would see them the next day. Well all that is about to change.

Yes mom I finally got transferred. and it's something that i still can't quite wrap my head around. I've been in Puno for almost 8 months now. I've been with these people for 8 months. I've loved these people for 8 months. And now, tomorrow morning I'm saying goodbye to a land and a people that have become such a huge part of my heart. I can hardly believe it. But it's bittersweet. Because I've been called to serve in Andahuaylas. It's polar opposite of Puno. Here in Puno the church in relatively strong. They've got 2 stakes here and it's a big city, whereas Andahuaylas is tiny and got a couple branches. So it will be a cool contrast. And I've got a 16 hour bus ride there. Whoooop! but I'm excited!

My companion is Hermana Conde. Don't know anything about her but she's got 2 transfers less than I do in the mission and she's Latina. And she's only been there for 2 weeks. So we'll be basically opening an area. That will also be a contrast from when I got to Puno with a comp that had already been there for 3 transfers. But I´m excited to see what Andahuaylas has in store for me. Really sad, but really excited. 

This is going to be kinda a short letter because I want to send some pictures so we'll just cover some nice points.

1. Gaby finally got married! And baptized! It was a hectic week but we finally got er done and now I'm feeling really good about how I'm leaving the ward. The members are helping out and I know my new converts are in good hands. It's just a bummer to leave them so soon. 
2. Yeah those elders hit it on the head for the purpose of the transmission we had. It was a great broadcast and I learned a lot that I'm going to take and put in practice in my new area. (Lorri - the Elders in our ward came over last night and told us about a Worldwide Missionary Training Broadcast from the Brethren that took place last Wed.  Amazing stuff!!)

 I think that is about it. I'm just going to load this thing up with pictures now so here goes nothing! 
I'll tell you all about Andahuaylas next week. I've heard its beautiful so I'll keep you updated! Thanks for everything and please keep praying for me! Loooove you! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

#34 In the Perú Cusco Mission...

WE had a great Zone meeting today and I just wanted to share a couple things that really called my attention.

 So I guess, I don't actually know, my District leader forgot to tell us, that we were supposed to think of something to complete the sentence "In the Perú Cusco mission...." with something like "We do... tal cosa" Fill in the blank. And lots of people said some really cool things. Like "We teach by the spirit" or "we are obedient" or one of my favorites "We don't justify breaking the rules" (That was Hermana Campoverde. She's a feisty one.) And that was all cool and stuff. But then our Zone Leader, one of the many Elder Flores that we have, said something that just really kind of blew my mind. It was something I had never thought of before. He said "In the Perú Cusco mission, we are the missionaries that our investigators deserve." Or in Spanish, because I think it sounds better "En la mision Perú Cusco, somos los misioneros quien nuestros investigadores merecen." And I just loved that. Because I think we forget that, as missionaries, it's not all about us. That we aren't the only ones putting in the work. There are countless people out there praying for missionaries to come to them and bring them to the truth. Countless people looking for something more. Countless people that are prepared and willing to listen and change. And if we aren't missionaries of God, invested in the work of the Lord, then we aren't the missionaries that these people deserve. They deserve someone committed. Someone that will help them become the people that they want to be. And I just loved that. And that is what I wanted to share with you today. Be the missionary, the friend, the neighbor, the coworker, the acquaintance that the children of God deserve.

Next point. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me a card this Christmas season! The mail here is kind of slow, but your kind words finally found me and gave me a post Christmas cheer! I seriously came from the best ward ever, long live OV2! I just want these people to know that I seriously appreciated the thoughts of all the families that sent me a card. It was the best. Specifically 'd like to thank them all. Sister Lewis, Sister Novelli, The Leavitt family, Sister Bishop, Brother Bunnell (He sent me a painting of a flower! It is beautiful!) The Lyon Family, Sister Jacobsmeyer and all the young women for their great package! I didn't recognize some of the names, so I guess there must be new girls but thank you Jozelynn G, Bailee Andrews, Sister Freeman, Elise (Elise is in young womens?!) Sister Jones, Emma Humes, Kaila, Kyra, Beebz (keep editing off peoples eyebrows. Live your dream.) , Bill (ohmygosh! We're breathen the same air!), and some sweet girl with the initials of RCM. She sent a very sweet letter addressed to Elder Larsen, but it was very sweet and I am going to just erase his name, put mine, and keep it. 
And I want to thank Ingvild Reinfiord! It was so fun getting a letter from her, though I have no idea who she is, but I like her and tell her to stay in the states until I get back! I hope to meet you too Ingvild! 
But yeah it was seriously the best! Thank you all for thinking about me and allowing me to be apart of your Christmas! Best Ward EVER!

And thank you Grandma and Grandpa Rust! They always pick the prettiest cards. Thank you all!!!

Ok next point
This week Fredy got baptized!!!!! My comp had all the pictures, but forgot her camera, so I will send fotos next week. But heres the details in the order that the happened.

1. We got there early to clean the font and start heating the water. That's a two hour process just to heat the water. And when we started it, the oxidation of the pipes caused the water to turn a mountain dew-y color and it was really gross looking and so we had to drain it and start all over again. But then the... heating device... broke! And so we were freaking out because Fredy's only worry was getting baptized in freezing cold water. 

2. Buuuuut it ended up being ok because we had a whole team of priesthood leaders in the outside shed trying to figure it out and eventually it heated up. Mas o menos. 

3. And the only reason why it was warm for the baptism is because  FREDY SHOWED UP AN HOUR LATE! Holy cow I was freaking out. Because the baptism started at 7. And he walked in the door at 7:55. I thought he was never going to show. But he finally did. And when he walked in, he walked in with a new haircut and with a tie on. first time I'd seen him like that. 

4. So we started at 8:00 and we had literally 60 people there at that baptism! And 11 of them were investigators! That is literally unheard of! But it was awesome because the whole chapel was full and I could tell that made Fredy really happy. 

5. I gave a talk about taking upon us the name of Christ. it was good. nothing noteworthy. 

6. So fredy is like 6ft 2 or 3. He's a tall kid. And he asked the bishop, who is 5ft nothing, to baptize him. It was hilarious. Because Fredy forgot to bend his knees. So it was literally just like a tree coming down when the bishop lowered him into the water. and because Fredy is longer than the whole baptismal font, he smacked his head on the wall! I felt so bad! But I also chuckled a little was kinda funny ok! 

7. I gave him a CTR or HLJ ring. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. Fredy rocks! 

8. The next day he got confirmed.

9. We stopped by his house yesterday to ask him how he felt and all, because we didn't get to talk to him that much on Saturday, and he just told us that he felt new. He felt free. That it was the feeling that he had always imagined. And I asked him what his favorite part was and he told me that he loved getting confirmed because that is when he felt like he was part of the family. Finally he was part of the family. He's seriously the coolest kid ever. And I can just tell that he is happy. So happy. And that makes me happy. So happy. 

So that was our Fredy baptism. It was a great day and I'm so happy that I haven't gotten transferred yet so that I could see it and be a part of it. Guys. Missions are the best. 

Next tema!
Gaby is getting married and baptized this weekend! I have been waiting a long time for this one too, so I'm really excited to see how it all unfolds.

Next tema!
We have been the only mission in like all of south america without cell phones. For forever. But today, WE GOT CELL PHONES! Since I'm training, it's all mine too! Don't even have to share! Ha I'm kinda a brat. Truth is, I have no idea how to use this thing. It's really hard. So my comp has to help me out a lot. But it's still mine! Muuuuahahha!

Get this. We are having a mission conference in February. The whole mission is going to Cusco (first time that has ever happened) and guess who will be waiting for us there? ELDER HOLLAND! That's right. You read right. I'm gonna be all up close and personal with Elder Holland. I can't wait! 

Well that's all I've got this week! I love you all and be the missionary that your friends deserve!
Until next week! 
Hermana Rust

And that's Fredy! 

#33 Oye!

There's an Hermana here named Hermana Frame. And holy cow she is just a hoot. I love her to death. But she always, ALWAYS, says ¡OYE!" Which just means "Listen" but she says it in every situation. Like if a pencil falls "Oye!" and It has just stuck to me like gum to a shoe. And now, cada rato, I'm all "Oye!".My comp thinks it's hilarious.

Well This week I just want to say that we gonna have a baptism! I don't know if you remember Fredy, but he had his baptismal interview this past Sunday and he passed and now Saturday at 7:00, he'll be entering into that beautiful covenant that we call baptism! I'm so excited for him because he is so excited! After the interview we asked him how he felt and he just said "Anxious!" and then he asked if he could come with us to our next appointment because he wanted to practice for his mission! How cute is that? He's awesome and I can't wait till Saturday! I don't know if we explained the priesthood as well as we should have because when we were planning his baptism and who was going to do the ordinance he asked "Well... women can't do it, can they?" and of course we said no, and he said "Chispas! I was going to ask if Hermana Maritza could do it." Haha Hermana Maritza is the bishops wife who was all direct with him and told him to get baptized. He thinks that she is awesome. Because she is. But then he said "Yeah if Hna Maritza can't, I guess her husband can." Haha so we explained priesthood again and now I think it's all clear. Maritza is going to give a talk instead. So that was the exciting news for this week. 

Well I feel as if this is all I have to share this week. I love you all and hope everyone is well! Yeah gotta go now! 
Hermana Rust! 

Yeah just us girls. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

#32 Confessions of a sister missionary.

Well I'm still waiting for baby news. I hope little baby Nelli is born soon. Nelida if you'd like Noelle. Noelle y Nelli. I think it's cute. I'm a big fan of the name Nelli ever since I've gotten here. That and Milagros. I don't think I'll ever use either of them, but i think they're cute.
So this week we taught Giomar and Maribi again. Remember them? Well they aren't married and have a little boy and they are just the cutest little almost family. I love them. Their baby, he is 3 years, told his parents that when he  grows up, he wants to be the Mormon . So that's a good sign. But anyways we could tell that family was important to them, they just weren't married, so we decided to share the Family a Proclamation with them. We made it all cute and highlighted the parts we thought were important to them and then wrote the words to Families can be together forever on the back and put a picture of the temple on there. It was way cute. And we shared it with them. And it was super cool. And holy cow, when I was talking to them about how the family is the thing that gives us the most happiness, about how there could be nothing more fulfilling then raising a family unto the Lord, like I just wanted a family. In that moment. Everyone here thinks I'm crazy that I want to get back home from my mission, get married, and then have my family. They all think it's nuts. But to me, especially during that lesson, I just wanted my family now. I mean like it wasn't weird, I just had the confirmation of the things I said in the moment I said them. That I knew that would be the thing that would make me happiest. Is my family. My family now, as well as my family to be. I'm just so excited! Like I don't want my mission to end or anything, I want it to go slower really, but I'm excited for what the future holds. Lots of the missionaries here, when they get close to going home, they all start freaking out because they don't know what they are going to do with their lives now, but that doesn't worry me at all. I'm excited and content with what the future holds. And this isn't a trunky email either. It's... I don't know what it is. Confessions of a sister missionary I guess we could say. 
Well That's about all I wanted to share this time. I hope my email doesn't weird anyone out... yeah tevs bro. Tevs.

Happy New year! Love ya all but I'll love ya'll more if this baby's name is Nelli! Tanks! Bye!
Hermana Rust. 

And this is a random Ice Age set up they had there. It's cool. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well First of all, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! It was so fun to see everyone and to hear that Noelle is going to dar luz in just a few days and I didn't even know she was preggers and to see Hallie not know who the heck I am. Oh wait. I'm Nally. Laaaaame! But it was really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed every slightly awkward minute of it. I wanted more time too mom. But 40 minutes is the mission rule and I think it's wise. Our president is really wise. Great guy. 

Well My Christmas was different but all the same really good. And that's because, first, in the Noche Buena, well the day of that is, we were in a lesson with a new investigator named Rosemary. She's Fredi's cousin, the guy we're going to baptize in just a few weeks. Well she's 17 and we were a little bummed about that because it's not like we don't want to ask permission for her to baptized... it's just more complicated. But everything kinda worked out really well. First, we asked her if she had the desire to learn about the gospel. She came to a ward activity we had the past week and she just looooved it. She was having a ball. So based on that we were pretty confident that she was going to be all gun-ho about learning. And so she responded to us, Yeah I really want to join your group. That's what I want. To join! So we were all excited about that! And then I asked her again, well how old are you, just to make sure I heard right. And she said 17. So little bit of a disanimar again. But then I asked her when she turned 18. And she said "oh the 2nd of January!" And we were all "Yay!" because that's this week. So that was good news number one. And then we challenged her to be baptized. And she said "Yeah that's where I see this going too. So Yeah I do want to be baptized. But I want to wait some time." Bummer number 2. And we asked, "Well, how much time?" expecting the worse.  But then she just said "Yeah I want to wait until.... the end of January. Yeah fines de enero and I'll be ready!" Good news/miracle number 2! And then she said "But I want to talk to my mom first." And we were obviously understanding of that. I mean she has to talk to her mom. But it also scared us a little bit. But then she said after "But I know that whether or not I get baptized depends on me. Only me. Not my mom." That is exactly what she said, translated in English of course. But wow what a roller coaster because it was like "yeah no she's not going to accept" to "Yeah she'll get baptized" and back to "oh I don't know again!". But every time she just said something new and it really testified to me that  yeah, the Lord really is preparing the hearts of people. Who are ready. And who will progress. And who will do what it is that they have to do in order to follow Jesus Christ. It's amazing. Every doubt I had in that lesson was immediately resolved. And it was because we had found one of the prepared. One of the softened hearts that God had prepared for us. It was a really cool experience and now we're waiting for her to get back from Juli to tell us how things went with her mom and if her mom is as well going to start with the lessons. We have an appointment tomorrow and I am really excited about it. So that was kind of the cool experience for this week.
But something really sad also happened this week. We have an investigator named Luighi. He's the son of another investigator named Julio. Luighi has been progressing really rapidly these past couple weeks. We started teaching him week 6 of the last cambio and then he came to church that same Sunday, stayed for all 3 hours, and then the next Sunday he came as well, this time bringing Julio too. And they both stayed for the 3 hours. And then in our lessons, he just was always asking really good questions and just really seemed like he wanted to learn. I just saw a lot of potential and real intent in Luighi, and it made me really excited because I knew that if Luighi could progress, then he could really help his dad out to progress as well. But in one of our lessons, Luighi confided in us that his relationship with his dad was... well basically non existent. They didn't really have much to do with each other.  And so we decided to start working with them both, Julio even more.  But in one lesson, which I just thought was going so well, we had read with him the testimony of Joseph Smith and I felt the spirit and I thought I saw Luighi feeling the spirit, and we were about to challenge him to be baptized the 23 of January, but he looks at us and says "Hermanas hold on a minute. I think we just need to stop here. I haven't gotten my sign yet and so I think it might be a good idea to just stop our visits for now because I don't want you to lose your time and I don't want to waste your time. I want you guys to be able to teach people that have gotten their sign. So I'll call you when I get it, but until then, I think this is enough." I literally felt my jaw hit the floor. It's not what I was expecting at all. Then he said "Really I just started taking these lessons so that you could help my dad. And he's already gotten his answer (Julio had a dream about Jesus Christ) and so maybe it's better if you just focus on him." My heart was on the verge of breaking. I couldn't believe that he was asking to stop our visits. I mean I was happy that he thought we could help Julio, but I didn't want to lose him in the process. I felt like Elder Moreno in THe District when Jynx called and told them "The Mormons not for me". And the same thing was going through my head "We can't lose him! I don't want to lose him!" So I tried to do what they did. I tried to testify to him of the Book of Mormon and it's power to answer prayers, because he too wasn't reading the book of Mormon. I told him he couldn't give up on us yet. That if he wanted to help his dad, he too needed to be on this same path. And finally we came to a conclusion. We asked him to read the first chapter of Nephi and then to pray. And we promised him that if he did it, with all the faith he has, that si o si, he would receive an answer. He said he would do it and that we could have one more visit with him to see if he got an answer. That visit is scheduled for this week. So we'll see what happened. Hermana Rodriguez and I fasted yesterday especially for him. And now we're just waiting. I hope everything goes right. I'll keep you posted for next week. 

This week really has been an emotional roller coaster a bit. I think that partially has to do with Christmas. Well I know it has to do with that. But also last Monday we had a zone Conference in which the Zone Leaders shared a story about an Elder who was in a lesson and his companion or someone testified of the First Vision and the Investigator started to cry and excepted baptism and all that. And the Elder thought "You know, I say the same exact things, and I never get that reaction" And it really bothered him. So he talked to his mission president about it and his president said to him "Elder, what do you think when pretty girls walk by? Have you ever responded to your junior companion with sarcasm or belittlement? Do you wake up at 6:30 every morning? This is the difference. I want you to go home an start a fast. Start with a prayer and then when you finish your prayer, sit down and start a list of all the things that you do right now that keep you from being able to feel and testify with the spirit. and then do a 40 day fast from all these things. After this purification process, you'll see that not only do you feel better, but you will be able to teach with the power and authority of God." And then said some more stuff along those lines. And that was our Zone... "Project" This week. We all started a fast, together, and wrote these lists. And it was something really cool. Because When I was writing my own list, things came to my mind that I did that I didn't even realize were keeping me from feeling and teaching with the spirit.  And it was this that I tried to fix this past week. And It worked. Really well. . But this fast really opened my eyes to all the faults I still have to fix. The potential I still have to become. And it was a really cool, growing experience. And that's what I learned this week. That hey, I'm not a picnic by any means and that if I want things to change, I need to change.

And now we'll switch from super serious to light and fluffy topics! 
First, Christmas Eve here is nuts! They all stay up until midnight and then eat dinner and then open presents. So that's fun. But we obviously can'´t do that because 10:30 curfew and stuff. So we were sleeping normal. But the second the clock struck  midnight, Puno exploded! I was sound asleep dreaming about sugar plums or something, but my sweet sugar plum fairy dreams turned into world war 3 as I started dreaming about bombs going off and I just kinda freaked out only to wake up and actually hear what I thought were bombs right outside my window! So I run to the window just to see that, from everyone's roof tops, there are fireworks going off! EVERYONE'S ROOFTOPS!! and puno is just really jammed packed with houses and there isn't much space in between the houses so it was kind of really scary. Puno was literally exploding. It freaked me out and then it was kind of cool. Just really unexpected. So that was fun. Also my Pensionista, Hermana Elli, who you guys met on skype, she called us at 12:15 just to wish us a feliz navidad. It was really Sweet. I love her.

I love you all. Send my love to everyone! Thanks for the prayers and the love!
Hermana Rust.
And My subject line has no point, I just love Jericho Road.