Monday, January 18, 2016

#33 Oye!

There's an Hermana here named Hermana Frame. And holy cow she is just a hoot. I love her to death. But she always, ALWAYS, says ¡OYE!" Which just means "Listen" but she says it in every situation. Like if a pencil falls "Oye!" and It has just stuck to me like gum to a shoe. And now, cada rato, I'm all "Oye!".My comp thinks it's hilarious.

Well This week I just want to say that we gonna have a baptism! I don't know if you remember Fredy, but he had his baptismal interview this past Sunday and he passed and now Saturday at 7:00, he'll be entering into that beautiful covenant that we call baptism! I'm so excited for him because he is so excited! After the interview we asked him how he felt and he just said "Anxious!" and then he asked if he could come with us to our next appointment because he wanted to practice for his mission! How cute is that? He's awesome and I can't wait till Saturday! I don't know if we explained the priesthood as well as we should have because when we were planning his baptism and who was going to do the ordinance he asked "Well... women can't do it, can they?" and of course we said no, and he said "Chispas! I was going to ask if Hermana Maritza could do it." Haha Hermana Maritza is the bishops wife who was all direct with him and told him to get baptized. He thinks that she is awesome. Because she is. But then he said "Yeah if Hna Maritza can't, I guess her husband can." Haha so we explained priesthood again and now I think it's all clear. Maritza is going to give a talk instead. So that was the exciting news for this week. 

Well I feel as if this is all I have to share this week. I love you all and hope everyone is well! Yeah gotta go now! 
Hermana Rust! 

Yeah just us girls. 

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