Monday, May 23, 2016

#50 Something Unexpected * Originally posted on 5/18/2016

So I'm, very sorry that I am writing so late. But there is a very good reason for that.
And the reason is that I totally went to Machu Picchu today! And it was suuuper cool! We woke up at 2:00 this morning and took a 1 and a half bus hour ride to the train station, where we took an hour and a half train ride to the town of Machu Picchu where we took another half hour bus ride to Machu Picchu itself. It was quite the adventure. And we just got back like... a half hour ago. But it was really something. I learned that Machu Picchu means old mountain and that was cool. Also learned alot about the Quechua's. So all really interesting and fun. But now it's almost 8:00 here and I am very tired. So I am going to send some really cool pictures and call it a night! But I had a great week and I'm doing well and I have my first Concilio tomorrow! Whoo! So that should be interesting. But yeah. All for now!
Love you all and have a splendid week! 

I just got a selfie. 

This is the Inca bridge. I guess that when the Inca came... he crossed this bridge. Also note worthy. 

The classic Machu Picchu shot. 

 Hermana Baker also came. Cool little reunion. 
And hermana Borja. I totally picked her outfit. Last monday we were crawling through the mall for like 3 hours looking for something perfect for her to wear. Who would have thunk that it would be a simple maroon shirt with blue jeans. Simplicity at it's finest. Gotta love a purist. 
 And theres me. In it. 
That's us at 2 oclock this morning. Hermana Harris y mi compi 

 I don't think I've ever been in a train... so a picture was necessary. 

 The welcome sign in the town Machu Picchu.

 This is the ceremonial rock. i don't know what types of ceremonies take place here... but you have to bet that they were cool. Incas pues. 

My companion ALMOST fulfilled her dream of kissing a llama. Been there done that and it's nooot all it's cracked up to be. 

#49 I'm A Disgracia... *originally posted on 5/09/2016

Haven't got a lot to say today because... well I don't know really. But I do have a funny "Messing up Spanish" story that I am sure you will get a kick from because me and my companion are still dying about it.

So last week I believe, we met with a family of less actives. We just got to know them a little bit. They are the familia Arana. And well we were going through names and I was trying to remember all of theirs, but it just wasn't happening for me and I made the mistake of a lifetime. You see, the mom's name is Ingracia. As far as I am concerned, that doesn't have a direct translation, but we can assume that it has to do with grace. Because gracia = grace right? Right.
So I was reviewing their names and I said "Ok let me get this straight. Your name is..." and such name such name etc. Well I got to Ingracia. And I said "And you're... desgracia no?" Every one bursts out laughing. And for good reason too because desgracia means disgrace. So I basically asked this woman if she was a disgrace, and if I'm not wrong, to call someone a disgrace is a little strong in Spanish. At least here in Cusco. So there's that. Called the woman a disgrace in our first visit. I think that's more of a third visit insult, but I like to jump the gun I guess.
So that's my story about how I still need very much help with Spanish. At least I know the difference between desgracia and ingracia now. And they accepted a return visit. Silver linings. 

Well as for the work, we are working with a few people to get baptized the 28th of May, but unfortunately Claudia didn't come to church so her date fell through. And now her mom wants to post pone her baptism to a week later so she and her daughter can get baptized together, which is understandable but slightly frustrating because... well it's like postponing your salvation. But we're gonna keep working on it because that's what missionaries do. And that's why I love being a missionary. 

I don't have much else to say but I'd like to say a big happy mothers day to Mommies because yesterday while we were talking... lol I forgot to say happy mothers day. Sorry Mom! Love you and just know that you are the best and I appreciate you a great deal and you're a total hottie with your short blonde hair and I'm thinking about following in your footsteps. Like in all aspects of my life for sure, but specifically in your hair. Thanks for your example and I love you! 

I also love whomever reads this letter and I hope that you can all be kind to your less active friends and not call them a disgrace. Learn from my mistake people. 

Well I'll be going now but have a lovely May week and don't forget to pray and tell someone you love them and I'll talk to ya'll soon! Pip pip adoodaleedo.
Hermana Rust

Our pensionista is the best and wants us to have strong shiny hair, so she made us hair treatment stuff out of honey and egg yoke. Woke up this morning with shiney hair so i'd call it a success. But yeah this is what we looked like last night. I think I can work the lunch lady look, but that's just me. Que opina ud?

Las 2 amigas y una gringa.

So the little latina is my companion and the other gringa is Hermana Stickle. I live with them. Hermana Stickle thought she'd be cute and stick ALLL the mattresses that we have in our house (which is a lot because we have a lot of sisters come stay with us when there are transfers) in our room. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

#48 Grand Theft Zone Conference

So as if I wasn't nervous enough for the Multizone conference because I had to teach a 40 minute class. But that actually ended up being the best part of the day.

So this Wednesday we have our Conferencia Silvestre, as we call it. It's a zone conference with President and the assistants that we do once a year outside in some cool place, which Peru is crawling with cool places, in our pday clothes. So we went to a place called El Templo de la Luna. Or the Moon Temple. Actually don't have any pictures of that so... but you can imagine it. We were 2 zones, Zona Cusco (that's mine) and Los Incas. And we went there. And Hermana Borja and I had to teach a 40 minute activity class type thing. So we did this like relay race and every activity we related it to our animos (I honestly don't know how to say that... it's like how... hopeful... we are? Something like that...) in the mission. Like how sometimes we get discourage from things that happen out of our control like Agency of other people and that kind of jazz. So yeah that was pretty cool. Although I was really nervous. Because it's a conference with President! So it's like.. it has to be good right? And it was the first zone conference where I had like a real part... so yeah, nerves. But it ended up being cool and not everyone hated it, just a handful of complainers when the puzzle activity didn't really work, so what more could I ask for? And then we had a spiritual part and yeah. All good!

 So then it was the zone leader's turn from Los Incas. And they had an activity where we had to blow up balloons but those kind they make balloon animals from and so my cheeks and lungs kinda burst trying to blow those things up. Not fun. But they had a good purpose I suppose.

So just to give a little more background, we were in an area completely secluded right? And so we put all our stuff in one area and then we would go to a different part, like a circle of trees, and do our activities. But we didn't leave anyone with our things. Because we were almost in the middle of nowhere. So why guard the stuff right? Right! That's what we thought at least. So we get back from blowing up the balloons and we all sit down and await for the spiritual part of the activity from the Zone Leaders. But Hermana and President Harbertson were looking around frantically. But we didn't know what they were looking for. Then President Harbertson disappears. And sister Harbertson stops the class and asks us all if we can start looking for two backpacks. So we all get up and look and it turns out that both the backpacks of President and Hermana Harbertson were missing. And this was not good because in their backpacks were their iPad, their wallets with all their credit cards. There foreign ID cards, their licenses to drive in Peru Cards. Everything. And a toooon of camera equipement. Allll missing. So we all kept looking. And then I got a sick feeling in my stomach, because my bag was riiiight next to Hermana Harbertsons bag. My bag was still there, but I opened it, just to find... nothing. My wallet was gone, my coin purse. Only my scriptures remained (For which I am very grateful). But in my wallet I had all my cash from the mission, my cash from
home, my card from the mission, my card from home, my copy of my foreign ID (luckily it was just a copy and not the original.) all my high school ID's (I mean... I'm ok that those are gone.. but still kinda sad.) My drivers license (that has long expired but still...MEMORIES!) and some notes and things from High school that I had put in my wallet and never taken out, like my Michael Buble Concert tickets! Now how am I going to prove to my children that I attended the coolest concert EVER? I think that made me the saddest. But yeah and my coin purse that had only like... 4 soles, but it was my only souvenir from Andahuaylas that I had. And now I am left with nothing. So that's what happened. I got robbed. and not even in a cool way. No one held me a gun point with a ski mask on, they just came in and took my stuff while I was attempting to blow up a balloon. LAME! So that's what happened this week. I got robbed. In a super lame way. I didn't think I'd ever get robbed in the mission. Like everyone here is SUUUUPER honest. The robbing happens in Chiclayo and Trujillo (That's what they say anyways.) But yeah. And it only happened to President Harbertson and Hermana Harbertson and I. No one else was touched.

Besides that, I'm good. Cusco is treating me well. The ward is cool and we're having a lot of success already. We've got a couple of people set to be baptized the 28 (well like 4. A family! And a single guy.) of May! Whooo! 
Well That's all I got this week. I hope no one robs any of your priceless  high school memories. It's the worst, I promise. And sorry Beebo. They robbed the wallet you gave me for Christmas 2 years ago. Guess you have good taste. Take comfort in that.
Well love you all and have a splendid week! 
Hermana Rust

This is quechua. It says "Nadie sabia que tu corazon era de oro" or "Nobody knew that you had a heart of gold" There is a poetry movement group that grafitis poetry on walls. I'm a fan. 

This was like a half hour after I got robbed. The templo de la luna is there in the back. It's just rocks. 

Theres a HUGE mall in Cusco that we went to last Pday. And we saw a poster for the new avengers movie that I had no idea was even going to be a thing, but yeah it's civil war I think. But yeah then we found these masks and decided we would do an reinaction (word?) of it. So there's Civil War. Sister Missionary style. By the way, I don't even like captain america, but she fought me for Iron man, so I backed down. It really was like a civil war.