Monday, May 23, 2016

#49 I'm A Disgracia... *originally posted on 5/09/2016

Haven't got a lot to say today because... well I don't know really. But I do have a funny "Messing up Spanish" story that I am sure you will get a kick from because me and my companion are still dying about it.

So last week I believe, we met with a family of less actives. We just got to know them a little bit. They are the familia Arana. And well we were going through names and I was trying to remember all of theirs, but it just wasn't happening for me and I made the mistake of a lifetime. You see, the mom's name is Ingracia. As far as I am concerned, that doesn't have a direct translation, but we can assume that it has to do with grace. Because gracia = grace right? Right.
So I was reviewing their names and I said "Ok let me get this straight. Your name is..." and such name such name etc. Well I got to Ingracia. And I said "And you're... desgracia no?" Every one bursts out laughing. And for good reason too because desgracia means disgrace. So I basically asked this woman if she was a disgrace, and if I'm not wrong, to call someone a disgrace is a little strong in Spanish. At least here in Cusco. So there's that. Called the woman a disgrace in our first visit. I think that's more of a third visit insult, but I like to jump the gun I guess.
So that's my story about how I still need very much help with Spanish. At least I know the difference between desgracia and ingracia now. And they accepted a return visit. Silver linings. 

Well as for the work, we are working with a few people to get baptized the 28th of May, but unfortunately Claudia didn't come to church so her date fell through. And now her mom wants to post pone her baptism to a week later so she and her daughter can get baptized together, which is understandable but slightly frustrating because... well it's like postponing your salvation. But we're gonna keep working on it because that's what missionaries do. And that's why I love being a missionary. 

I don't have much else to say but I'd like to say a big happy mothers day to Mommies because yesterday while we were talking... lol I forgot to say happy mothers day. Sorry Mom! Love you and just know that you are the best and I appreciate you a great deal and you're a total hottie with your short blonde hair and I'm thinking about following in your footsteps. Like in all aspects of my life for sure, but specifically in your hair. Thanks for your example and I love you! 

I also love whomever reads this letter and I hope that you can all be kind to your less active friends and not call them a disgrace. Learn from my mistake people. 

Well I'll be going now but have a lovely May week and don't forget to pray and tell someone you love them and I'll talk to ya'll soon! Pip pip adoodaleedo.
Hermana Rust

Our pensionista is the best and wants us to have strong shiny hair, so she made us hair treatment stuff out of honey and egg yoke. Woke up this morning with shiney hair so i'd call it a success. But yeah this is what we looked like last night. I think I can work the lunch lady look, but that's just me. Que opina ud?

Las 2 amigas y una gringa.

So the little latina is my companion and the other gringa is Hermana Stickle. I live with them. Hermana Stickle thought she'd be cute and stick ALLL the mattresses that we have in our house (which is a lot because we have a lot of sisters come stay with us when there are transfers) in our room. 

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