Monday, January 4, 2016

#32 Confessions of a sister missionary.

Well I'm still waiting for baby news. I hope little baby Nelli is born soon. Nelida if you'd like Noelle. Noelle y Nelli. I think it's cute. I'm a big fan of the name Nelli ever since I've gotten here. That and Milagros. I don't think I'll ever use either of them, but i think they're cute.
So this week we taught Giomar and Maribi again. Remember them? Well they aren't married and have a little boy and they are just the cutest little almost family. I love them. Their baby, he is 3 years, told his parents that when he  grows up, he wants to be the Mormon . So that's a good sign. But anyways we could tell that family was important to them, they just weren't married, so we decided to share the Family a Proclamation with them. We made it all cute and highlighted the parts we thought were important to them and then wrote the words to Families can be together forever on the back and put a picture of the temple on there. It was way cute. And we shared it with them. And it was super cool. And holy cow, when I was talking to them about how the family is the thing that gives us the most happiness, about how there could be nothing more fulfilling then raising a family unto the Lord, like I just wanted a family. In that moment. Everyone here thinks I'm crazy that I want to get back home from my mission, get married, and then have my family. They all think it's nuts. But to me, especially during that lesson, I just wanted my family now. I mean like it wasn't weird, I just had the confirmation of the things I said in the moment I said them. That I knew that would be the thing that would make me happiest. Is my family. My family now, as well as my family to be. I'm just so excited! Like I don't want my mission to end or anything, I want it to go slower really, but I'm excited for what the future holds. Lots of the missionaries here, when they get close to going home, they all start freaking out because they don't know what they are going to do with their lives now, but that doesn't worry me at all. I'm excited and content with what the future holds. And this isn't a trunky email either. It's... I don't know what it is. Confessions of a sister missionary I guess we could say. 
Well That's about all I wanted to share this time. I hope my email doesn't weird anyone out... yeah tevs bro. Tevs.

Happy New year! Love ya all but I'll love ya'll more if this baby's name is Nelli! Tanks! Bye!
Hermana Rust. 

And this is a random Ice Age set up they had there. It's cool. 

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