Monday, January 25, 2016

#35 How do you say adios?

In Spanish, at least here in Peru, they don't say adios. They Chao. Chao is more of like "yeah we'll see ya later" and adios is only used when its something set. Permanent. Goodbye. How do you say good bye? Since being here in Peru, not once have I told someone "Adios". Always chao. Because I knew that I would see them the next day. Well all that is about to change.

Yes mom I finally got transferred. and it's something that i still can't quite wrap my head around. I've been in Puno for almost 8 months now. I've been with these people for 8 months. I've loved these people for 8 months. And now, tomorrow morning I'm saying goodbye to a land and a people that have become such a huge part of my heart. I can hardly believe it. But it's bittersweet. Because I've been called to serve in Andahuaylas. It's polar opposite of Puno. Here in Puno the church in relatively strong. They've got 2 stakes here and it's a big city, whereas Andahuaylas is tiny and got a couple branches. So it will be a cool contrast. And I've got a 16 hour bus ride there. Whoooop! but I'm excited!

My companion is Hermana Conde. Don't know anything about her but she's got 2 transfers less than I do in the mission and she's Latina. And she's only been there for 2 weeks. So we'll be basically opening an area. That will also be a contrast from when I got to Puno with a comp that had already been there for 3 transfers. But I´m excited to see what Andahuaylas has in store for me. Really sad, but really excited. 

This is going to be kinda a short letter because I want to send some pictures so we'll just cover some nice points.

1. Gaby finally got married! And baptized! It was a hectic week but we finally got er done and now I'm feeling really good about how I'm leaving the ward. The members are helping out and I know my new converts are in good hands. It's just a bummer to leave them so soon. 
2. Yeah those elders hit it on the head for the purpose of the transmission we had. It was a great broadcast and I learned a lot that I'm going to take and put in practice in my new area. (Lorri - the Elders in our ward came over last night and told us about a Worldwide Missionary Training Broadcast from the Brethren that took place last Wed.  Amazing stuff!!)

 I think that is about it. I'm just going to load this thing up with pictures now so here goes nothing! 
I'll tell you all about Andahuaylas next week. I've heard its beautiful so I'll keep you updated! Thanks for everything and please keep praying for me! Loooove you! 

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