Monday, February 1, 2016

#36 Talavera... The land of impossibility.

Greetings from..... not Puno. Yes I finally left my beloved little Puno and am off to new adventures and new horizons.

I am currently writing from a... I think it's a town. Called Talavera. This is found in the country of PerĂ¹, department of Apurimac, zone of Andahuaylas. And to describe it... well take everything I've ever told you about Puno, and think the opposite. Puno was a city. Talavera is a little farm town. Puno has paved roads. Talavera has roads paved in cow stinkies. Puno has 2 stakes and 8 chapels. Talavera has 1 branch and a casa capilla (Its a meeting house in an apartment building). The zone Puno Central has 10 companionships and 4 districts. The zone Andahuaylas has 4 companionships and 1 district (our whole zone is also our district. Puno has thousands of people that you pass on the streets everyday. Talavera has... 2. Different no? And thus far, it's been kind of a culture shock. There is so much poverty here. I was sooo sheltered in Puno. Here, I am experiencing a whole different way of life. And the  members here are the most impoverished. It blows my mind. And it kind of scares me a little bit. Because one, the branch is really suffering. My sector is HUUUUUGE. Because it's all just farm land and mountains. So it's about the same size as the city puno, but just with a fraction of the people and buildings. And it's especially intimidating because me and my companion, Hermana Conde, are the only missionaries serving here. All the rest of the zone is in the real city of Andahuaylas. We are on the outskirts. So that freaks me out a little. We have always been with another companionship of Elders, and that was always a comfort. but now it's just the two of us. Scaling mountains and dodging cow stinkies. 

So this all sounds kind of deary, I know. But fear not. I have words of hope for myself! This past week, like the day after I got to Talavera (Because it was a two day trip from Puno to here) We packed up and traveled again to Abancay. That's another zone about 3 hours from andahuaylas (And where Hna Baker is currently serving. She's my Hna Leader now!) So we went there for a conference with President and Sister Harbertson. And it was really good. And something that Hna Harbertson said was directed just at me I am sure and gave me some hope. She spoke to us about a talk that President Nelson gave recently to all the YSA. About Millennials. About what it is that millennials can do. That we are the millennials (It's form January if someone could help an Hermana out and send it to me porfa) And that millennials were called to live at this time to do the impossible. She then asked us to reflect in our missions, our lives, and think about all the impossible things that we are asked to do. Like baptize people. Learn Spanish. Change the hearts of people who have lived with years and years of strong traditions. To live with someone 24/7. All things that seem impossible no. But we do them. Ever day. And so the impossible things, really are possible. And I know its the same here in Talavera. The impossible land. That's really what it seemed like to me when I got here. Still does. But The impossible land is where the Milenials go. To do the impossible. So it's going to be an adjustment. I'm really scared to be honest. But I know I can do it. With God, nothing is impossible. So I'm just gonna keep going. Don't know how, don't know where, but I know who with. God. The prayers are still greatly appreciated. I think I need them now more than ever. 

And well there is some more stuff that I wanted to share with you, about my comp and our pensionista (She's... Mrs. Frizzle from magic school bus. Version Peru) but alas, the time is far spent. But I'll tell ya plenty next week. 

Mom, my heart broke a little for you to hear that you got released from primary! But I know you'll be just fine in whatever calling The Lord has in store for you. That's how you know that it's time to learn something new! 

Well I've got to be going now! I love you all and hope that everyone is good, healthy, and happy! Enjoy life and embrace change! It will seem impossible at first, but that's why we are here, to do the impossible. 

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