Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#15 The Tenth Day

So I didn't find the dog. My tenth day to find the little booger was Friday, and we had no such luck. So I started rabies treatment today!! Whooo!

 Everyone told me that the shots would be in doses of like 12 shots and in the stomach and that I was going to die. But everyone was wrong!!! Its 5 shots, in the arm, spread out through the course of 2 ish weeks. But it was kinda a huge hassle getting the shots. Because technically, I was supposed to start on Friday. So that night we went to the hospital to start, but the doctors just kinda yelled at us for not getting treatment earlier and told us that the rabies department of the hospital was closed and that we'd have to come back tomorrow. Then we went back Saturday, the 11th day, to start treatment, and we got the same lecture and then they told us that they wouldn't have the treatment there until Monday. And then our Zone leader called us Sunday morning and told us we'd have to go to Juliaca and find a hospital that has the vaccination si o si. Then we ended up not going to Juliaca Sunday and this morning I was injected and now I have four more and I should be rabies free. If I start foaming out the mouth and I don't know, wolverine out, then we've got a problem. But I think all is well.

So this week was all about less actives and members from the "otro lado" from our ward. Which was super great! Having a big new ward is intimidating but I'm glad I have the opportunity to meet new people and get help from the new members of our ward. I feel like its going to be a lot stronger with a lot more support for the missionary work. And a lot bigger.

 It was cool getting to know all of our less actives and helping them out a little. There is one that is particularly close to my heart. Her name is Angela. And I love her to pieces. She was baptized something like 15 years ago and has been basically less active ever since. But she's got a super great heart and a huge capacity to learn. We hit it off with her from the get go and we've basically been friends ever since. She's about 34 ish years old. We've been really focusing on befriending her because the relationship she had with the missionaries before wasn't the best. When she was baptized, they basically didn't teach her anything and then baptized her and then left her. And we don't want to do the same. So I've been helping her out with English and we've done service a couple times at her house because they´re rebuilding. We've taught her a couple times and she always completes her commitments. And I just love her

. It's knew for me to just love someone and want to be friends with them regardless that they are 10+ years older than me and I can only understand what they are saying about half the time. I've never been able to love so easily, and have that love be reciprocated. Because I know she loves me too. And one thing I am working on is to feel that same, unconditional love for all our other investigators and less active and recent converts and active members. Because one thing that has been drilled into my brain since being here is that love really is the key. If I don't love them, I literally can't do anything for them. I might be able to teach them something, but it wont do me any good if I don't let love be my motivation. 

It's amazing how the mission does this to you. gives you this great capacity to love. And for that I am so grateful. I think that might have been one of my weapons of rebellion before, not wanting to love the people. Especially when I first got to Puno. But I feel a change in my heart. And I know its the work of the Lord. Love really is the key. Love is all you need. The Beatles.

 Well my challenge for you all is just to grow your capacity to love. Because its possible. And if we work on it, before long, you´re passing people on the street and just thinking, wow. I love them. And that i s a beautiful thing. I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel and doing the will of the Lord! And remember, love is all you need.See ya next week! Love you all!!!!!Hermana Rust 

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