Monday, September 21, 2015

#17 Prone to wander....

I don't really know why, but that like "Prone to wander" has been in my mind as of late. Which is weird, because I don't feel like I am wandering, or lost, but I feel like this kinda applies to my life. I guess what I want to say is that we all are kinda prone to wander. But if we come unto Christ, we can find the way. This was just a totally random thought I had right now. Hope you enjoyed it.

So today is transfers and I am not leaving my beloved Puno yet! And for that I am soooooo happy. I was so worried I was going to leave. And I'm sticking with my momma, my trainer for another cambio! Whooop! And sadly, that is all I have to report. 

For those who are keeping up with my rabies and all, I only have one more injection left and then I'm rabies free! 

I'm sorry for the lame letter, but I just have no time left! Next week will be better, I promise! 

Love you all and keep trusting in Heavenly Father! He knows what's up. 
Con Amor ,
Hermana Rust! 

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