Monday, September 28, 2015

#18 Rust Beef

SO one morning, this week, Hna Gonzalez woke up and the first thing she said to me was "You know, I've been thinking, and your name sounds a lot like Roast Beef. Rust Beef." And then she chuckled to herself, said "Rust Beef" a couple more times, and then knelt down and started saying her prayer. Rust Beef.

Ok so can we just talk about how good Women's Conference was?? I only got to listen to the last couple talks because the thing wasn't working, but holy cow those last two talks, Hna McKonkie and Pres. Uctdorf, like holy cow. Super great. One thing I really liked that McKonkie said was "We have each other, we are in this together" Because when I heard that, it was just four of us missionaries together in a little room watching the session in English, and I just thought, yeah, we do have each other, and I know that with these girls, I can do this. So yeah kinda a powerful moment for me. And then another part I liked from Pres. Uchtdorf was, well his whole talk. But he said, or rather Rose said, " Forever is composed of now's" and we have the choice of how our "nows" are going to be. And that really stuck out to me as well. In the mission, its really easy to start thinking, well once Gaby is baptized, my mission will have worth, or once this transfer is over, I'll finally be happy. But then if I think like that, how is my eternity going to look. Kinda dreary right? Now Forever is composed of nows. And I can make my nows however I want! I got the power! So yeah those are my insights concerning that.
Ok so some big news, this week we finally committed a couple to get married! They are Gaby and Victor. Gaby isn't a member, and Victor is less active. They have a little boy named Aaron and he is the chunkiest thing you've ever seen I promise. But I don't have a picture so, take my word for it. But yeah they've been receiving the lessons for something like four years and now they have a wedding date and on that same day, Gaby is going to be baptized! I know its a lot for one day, but that's what she wanted! So October 18 we'll be marrying and baptizing and partying. I've never been to a Peruvian wedding.... so that'll be interesting. 

Lets see what else happened... Our ward has a ton of faith in us... they set goals to have 12 rescues this month and 8 baptisms. So Gonzo and I have our work cut out for us... October is gonna be craaaazy! I think that's all that happened this week. I'm doing well, I'm basically healthy ( I just cut my foot on a chair and now I'm spewing blood.) and I'm happy. So clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Unfortunately that song is allowed in our mission. I hear it all the time. 

Yeah well love you all and enjoy conference! I'll be watching right there with ya, only a couple thousand miles away! Yay for prophets! 
Con amor, 
Rust Beef. 

This is the son of our pension. He was a gorilla for a big dance festival that they had here. His name is Edu. 

Me in my cute raincoat. with my cute umbrella. In the cute rain. Hna Gonzalez and I are cute. 

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