Monday, October 5, 2015

#18 The 10th day (plus like a month) The Sequel.

Ok remember how I had a little incident with a super lame dog a few weeks ago? Well for those who do not remember, I had a little incident with a super lame dog who bit me when I was trying to help this poor old lady who dropped a bottle of juice. There you are caught up. So I had to receive treatment of 5 different injections in the course of 2 ish weeks because after the dog bit me, we couldn't find it again to see if it had rabies. So I finished my treatment last Monday (I forgot to tell you...) and I was feeling pretty good because I was done being injected and I didn't have to visit doctor creepy (my doctor was an uber creep) and I was rabies free! So yeah feeling pretty good. So Tuesday, one day AFTER I finished my treatment, we went to visit the same lady who we were with when I got bitten by the dog. She has a little store (wagon) on the coast of Titicaca. So we're sitting chatting, selling, all the above, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a dog, lounging underneath a bench. I gave the dog a closer look and, sure enough, its the little booger that bit me!!! I found the dang dog that caused me five days of pain and creepiness the DAY AFTER!! I don't know how the dog knew, but oh that dog new that I had finished my treatment and the day after he decided to come out of hiding. I was ticked.This dog has forever soured me on dogs and I will now not permit my kids to have a dog. It's all your fault demon dog!!

Well on a happier note, we've just about completed the marriage papers we need to get Gaby and Victor hitched!! Their date is for the 17th of October and right after the wedding, Gaby is taking the other plunge into the font. It's gonna be a great day. So yay for next Saturday!

Ok how great was General Conference! Do all the women out there feel as pumped as I do?! Between Holland and Nelson, I'm convinced that I'm basically the best thing to walk this earth (along with all you other lovely ladies out there, you know who you are) Like holy Hannah Montana I just want to be a mom and go talk in everyone's ward councils (I won't do either of those anytime soon, but boy am I ready.) Super great talks. Also I felt a little nostalgia (literally have no idea how to spell this word... help mom! Or Nat!) seeing good old Kim B. Up on that screen. Felt a little BYU-I pride coursing through my veins. You go Kim B.! And the three new apostles look like little babies compared to the others, but I know they're gonna be stellar too.

 Oh and mom I am all down to Ponderize with ya! But right now I have a goal to memorize The Living Christ in English and Spanish, so paragraphs are going to be my scriptures. I hope that counts! I decided to start doing this last week because I felt that my testimony of Jesus Christ needed some more support. So I just started memorizing. Right now in both English and Spanish I have the first 3 paragraphs. It's really been something that I love and I can already feel my testimony growing ten fold. So my ponderizing this week will be in the fourth paragraph of The Living Christ. 

Well I can't think of anything else that I want to share... I hope this email makes up for my lame ones... I vowed before my mission to not be a lame email writer! But I think I might be failing a little. But I will repent and do better I promise!

 Well I want to leave you with some words that I have been thinking of for the past week. I don't know who said it, but I remembered it during one of the conference talks and it's a quote in the CCM. it says "You are not called for who you are, you are called for who you can become" And then another that a sister shared in here testimony also in the CCM. I actually think I already shared this like.. in the CCM, but I just loved what she said "You are enough. You are SO enough! Never forget how enough you are." And I add my testimony to both of these little quotes. That God knows our potential and that for now, we are enough. Just don't stop learning, don't stop progressing, and you will always be enough. That sounded really good in my mind, but I'm not sure it makes total sense. Put on your spiritual ears and maybe it'll make sense... Well I love you all, the Church is True. God is our loving Heavenly Father, Jesus is the Living Christ, and through these three things, we can have eternal happiness! 
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Rust

Me and a fish that is indigenous to Lake Titicaca

THIS IS THE DOG OF SATAN! I will forever hate this dog. 

 I was just really into photographing little boys in a not creepy way this week. These are Andre and Alvaro. They are the sons of a recent convert named Nellie. I call this picture "Brothers". Yeah I'm not that good at naming stuff... 

This is the little boy of Gaby and Victor. His name is Aaron and he is two and he is a chunk. Like Riley when he was a baby in Peru form. I think this picture is artistic. Go art. 

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