Monday, October 12, 2015

#19 Voy a reir, voy a bailar, vivir mi vida lalalalala!

Shout out to our very own Phat Knat for introducing me to this song before I left. I thought it was pretty cool before, but now that I understand Spanish its kinda the bee's knees and my self proclaimed theme song. Y'all should look it up and listen and then look up the translation. I actually have no idea what it is called, but it's by Marc Antony (or however you spell that) and I just really like it. That subject line means "I'm going to laugh, I'm going to dance, live my life lalalala!" My favorite part is the la la's. Po.

So this morning I went running with a German shepherd at 6:00 in the morning in Peru. Yeah what'd you do? Because I'm jealous of anything else. But yeah that's the truth of how I started my p-day. I guess it was kinda fun and now I know that I can run faster than a German shepherd so, bonus! His name is Shadow and Hna Gonzalez is absolutely in love with him. I'm a little less fanatic about him ever since the whole dog fiasco that has since made me the joke of the entire mission. (Not an exaggeration. Everyone, EVERYONE, knows.) He's a police dog and the dog of the brother of one of our less actives. You guys remember Angela right? I wrote about her once. Well yeah that's her!
So this week has been... normal. Just preaching and praying and walking. And I don't mean for that to sound like I'm bored or think it's lame. Because I have neither time to be bored nor time to think stuff is lame. It's mission life right? And it's super cool and I'm super cool because of it I think. But one thing that happened this week is that we had a multizone conference! And that means Pres. Harbertson came to town! And it's way better than Santa. But I'm looking forward to Santa too. But yeah suuuper cool conference and I have a super cool story that may not be super cool to any of you, but I was kinda over the moon when it happened so I'm gonna share.

 So one of the zone leaders from BellaVista was conducting and he forgot to ask some one to lead the music. I was sitting in the front row right in front of Pres and his wife, so when we were getting ready to sing the opening song and nobody got up to lead, President looked at me and motioned for me to lead the music. I was like yeah normal and I walked up to the stand and got ready to lead (#another shout out to Sister Maughn who gave me and Mckenzie Hauver leading lessons when I was like 12!) President beckons me to walk over to him, so I do obediently, and then he leans over to me and says, and I quote "You sing really well so I knew that you would be perfect to lead." Can I get a holla at your Hermana! I don't know how he knows that I sing really well, because like, I do, but some how he knew and knows that I'm a boss leader (once again, thanks Sister Maughn) and I just thought that it was legit. Once again, I understand that you might not understand why this has significance, but oh boy does it. 

This week was the 26th birthday (yesterday actually) of one of my favorite ladies in our ward. Her name is Veronica and she is awesome. She got baptized like... 2 years ago and she's still super strong and lovely and the best. Well they (her and her sisters and cousins, one of which is Maxi whom we baptized) invited us to celebrate her birthday. so last night we went and it ended up being like this super spiritual family home evening complete with lessons and songs and the whole shebang. And I was so impressed by them, because here they are, a bunch of young girls, celebrating a birthday in the way they thought best. Talking about the savior. And I just thought geeze. My sisters and I would be watching Harry Potter or something like that (not that this is bad. Harry Potter Rocks.) But I just felt such an appreciation for these girls. Because really they only have each other. None of their parents are members and all live like 8 hours away, but they are always together and supporting each other and I just think they are a great example to everyone. A great example to show that family is so important. And whats more important is to live the gospel as a family. And that is what they are doing. I thought it was awesome. 

Well I think that just about covers it. We're not going to have a wedding this week... boo. But we're trying for the next week. So keep your fingers crossed. I love you all and hope all is well with everyone. Remember the little things in life. Prayer and scripture study are the foundation of everything. So build it up. 
Con mucho amor de Puno,
Hermana Rust 

 Also today we made real Mexican enchiladas. Take notes pops. Also, why yes, I do open my mouth really wide in every picture I take! 

 Running with Shadow. 

And that's maxi. I don't know if I have shown a picture of her yet. Well there she is. 

  Veronica ( Birthday girl) and Ruth. I love them. Oh also, if anyone wants to look up the words to that song I was talking about and send them to me, greatly appreciated. I don't know all the words and I want to learn. Tanks!
Ignore my horrible acne. It wasn't a good week for my face. But this is a very common Peruvian meals called... panchuto or something like that. Its just a hot dog cut in a spiral. I think they build things like way up in Peru. 

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