Monday, August 31, 2015


I have yet to recieve my camera from Juliaca so it will be another pictureless week... Sorrrrrrry!
Ok so I know my emails have been less than stellar these past couple weeks so I'm going to make up for it with two killer stories. Listo? Lets go.
Story number one. We were sitting on the side of the street that borders Lake Titicaca, visiting an Hermana named Braulia. She is a super cute old lady and she doesn't know how to read so we started teaching her.... Wednesday I believe. She has a little store she runs (Actually not a store. More like a little wagon she keeps under this make shift tent she uses as shelter from the sun) and this is where we teach her at. Hermana Gonzalez made this cute little book for her to practice writing and everything so she was doing that when a guy came over to buy something. And in the process of this, a bottle fell. About... 6 or 7 feet away from where I was sitting, a dog was just chilling there and minding its own business. After the bottle fell, I went to go get it and return it to the wagon. So i get up, take about.. 2 and a half steps, and all the sudden I feel teeth in my ankle. I looked down, and there was a dog clamped onto me. Imagine my surprise. I screamed, kicked, and ran. It didn't hold on or anything, but after it happened, all, I could think about was the discussion we had about dogs in the mission home when I first got to Cuzco. And two words stuck in my mind. Rabies and shots. Yeah so I was bitten by a potentially rabid dog. Fun right! And everyone I talked to was like "Hermana's NEVER get bitten! I have never heard of an Hermana getting bitten!" I mean lucky me right? So I may or may not have rabies right now as we speak. I have to wait 10 days from the incident (So Friday) to find the dog and see if it's dead or not. If it's dead, that means I have rabies and need treatment. Which sounds horrible. If we find it alive, I'm good. Rabies free. The only problem is that I cannot remember for the life of me what the dang thing looked like. So if I can't find it at all, treatment it is.

 Alright so same story same day, about 30ish minutes later. We all know how the drunks love me and I have way more stories about encounters with drunks than I care to count, but this one was just so gosh darn funny! So yeah like a half hour after the whole dog thing, we were walking back to our house to call our district leader and tell him the whole terrible story. I was a little hysterical still, thinking about shots and all, when a seriously drunk man walks up to us and starts talking to Hna Gonzalez about me. Where's she from, what's her name, where's she going, all sorts of stuff he asked. She told him I was from Cajamarca (are there white people in Cajamarca? because this is always her go to city...) and that I was mute. To this he responded that it didn't matter whether or not I could talk, he still loved me just the way I was. After this, he gets down on one knee and starts reciting poetry to me in Spanish with hand motions and all the theatrics. So I had myself a learned drunk. That was new. After his proclamations of love, he stands back up, digs out his wallet and hands me 50 SOLES! Ha but get this, they were fake. So 50 false soles is what I am worth apparently. I think I'm worth a little bit more.... Any ways he hands me the counterfeit money, looks at Hna. Gonzalez's tag, reads "Jesu Cristo" and turns to me, talking to Hna Gonzalez, and says "I love her more than Jesus does." And then he walked away. And that was that And I was left with his generous donation of 50 soles. This is by far my favorite encounter with drunks. And I will keep that 50 soles my whole life. Its taped to my wall right now. 

Story number 2
WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! Ok I kept the details of this one private because last time I talked to you guys about our two baptisms, they both fell through. Not that I'm superstitious. Just a little stitious. But yeah now I will freely spill the details. Her name is Maxi, I believe I've talked about her once before... not sure. Anyways. She's 17 and her older sister Miriam is a recent convert. We've been working with the other sister Carmen to baptize her because she's of age. But Carmen left for... somewhere so we've been working with Maxi, regardless that she didn't have permission from her parents yet to be baptized. Well like 2 ish weeks ago, we met with her parents, and the agreed and signed the papers and it was just a joyous little reunion and then this past Saturday, Maxi was Baptized!!! My first baptism!!

 But it did not go off without a hitch. I teach an English class on Saturdays at 4 and Maxi's baptism was scheduled for 5. So we told her to meet us there at 4 for the English class and while I taught, Hna G was going to help Maxi get all situated and everything. So we get to the chapel at like 3:45, and wait. And wait. 4:30 passes, and no Maxi to be found. then its 5. Still no Maxi. then 5:30. And still no. Meanwhile we have people showing up for a baptism that doesn't look like its going to happen, and Hna Gonzalez and I are frantic because we can't even call her because she doesn't have a phone. So we call her cousin Silvia, who has been a member for about 2 years. And Silvia tells us that Maxi doesn't want to come, and then hangs up. I've never felt my heart break... harder. We were so sure that she was going to come because we saw her the night before and she was super excited and everyone was excited and we just could not believe that this was happening! Hna G is crying, I'm on the verge of tears, and we have no Idea what to do. Elder Flores comes up to us and asks us what happened and we explained and he told us to call again. So we did. This time Miriam answers and tells us that she and Maxi and Silvia and Veronica (another cousin) are on their way right now and not to worry, and then that very second, they all jump out of a bus right in front of the chapel and maxi is with them all ready to go! Yeah turns out it was a horribly cruel trick that Silvia decided to tell us for who knows why and I'm still a little ticked at it because WHO DOES THAT!! But it doesn't matter because Maxi came, I gave a talk and sang, most of the people that we asked came, and MAXI WAS BAPTIZED!!! It was super cool to see someone that I had been working with and thought we'd never have the chance to baptize her go down into the water with Elder Bodily and make that sacred covenant with Heavenly Father. And the best part was that I knew she knew what she was doing. That she was doing it for herself, not for us, not for her sisters or her cousins, but because she had a testimony for herself. So yeah, super cool. By far the coolest moment I've had on my mission. 

So yeah these are my stories to make up for my lameness for the past couple weeks. And I'm just about out of time. I know the Church is true and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, and that He lives.
Hope everyone is doing well and stuff! Love you all! 
Hermana Rust

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