Monday, August 3, 2015

#10 Slug Bug Guess What Color

Everyone and their Uncle´s pet dog has a VW Bug here. They are literally on every street corner. So it makes the slug bug game a little lame here. Because you get slugged approximately 5 times per street. But nonetheless, Hermana Gonzalez is a big fan of the game. So I´m becoming really good at my colors in Spanish.

Every week it gets a little bit harder to remember what´s happened this week because they all meld together like none other. But it sufficeth me to say that it was a pretty swell week.

Oh I know! I´ll tell you about Julio!
So we haven´t had any new investigators in weeks and we haven´t been able to find any of our progressing, so we decided to go through the area book and just contact a bunch of antiguo investigadores. And one of them was Luigi. He´s a younger guy who had a baptism date but couldn´t quite get over his WOW problems. And I guess the whole time while they were teaching him, they wanted to teach his pop too, but Luigi always said that he would never accept the gospel or anything. So they didn´t teach him. Bummer. So we went to find Luigi and who answered the door? Julio! His father! We told him about the English classes we offer and he was super pumped about that because he wanted to learn what his sweatshirt said (It said "Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off today") And then we told him that we were missionaries and had a message about Jesus Christ and then he just went off about how much he loved God and wanted to learn more about him and how he knew there was a purpose in life and he prayed to find happiness and all this cool stuff and we were just like Wow! And so we wanted to set an appointment with him and he was like well I´m super busy, can I just come to church with you on Sunday and we were thinking "Heck yah you can come to church with us on Sunday get baptized while you´re at it why don´t ya!" Like can you say Investigador de oro?? Because I sure can. So Sunday rolls around and we´re waiting outside the capilla for our investigadores and 10, 20, then 30 minutes pass, and no one. We had called so many people and stopped by houses to get our people there. But no one. And we were especially bummed about Julio. So we go through sacrament meeting, and gospel principles class, just normal. And then someone knocks on the door of the gospel principles room. And its the son of one of the members of the Stake presidency. And he says that there´s a man outside waiting for the Hermanas. And Hna G and I were like,,, um kay. And we go out, AND THERE¨S JULIO!!!!! WE literally almost started crying. Because we had been fasting for our people to come to sacrament meeting! AND JULIO CAME!! well a couple hours late, so he wasn´t actually in sacrament meeting, but hey I´ll take it! He apologized for being late and said something about how he couldn´t get there on time because there was a fiesta and a car and I´m still unsure about that whole part. But he came and stayed for the rest of the meetings and participated like a regular ol latter day saint! We were so happy. And everyone was saying "What? That´s Luigi´s dad? I thought they said he would never come!" Yeah it was a little bit of a miracle. He´s a super swell gentleman and loves to talk and just wants to learn. I think we´ve got a real shot with this one!

Ok one more short story and then I´m gonna upload photos because I haven´t done very much. Last night we went to a family home evening in the home of a less active. And gosh that house gave me nightmares. The walls were plastered with cupids, there were toy Elmos' everywhere, and dolls. Dolls. DOLLS! Just everything that you would picture in a horror movie about kids or something. Terrifying. I have a picture of me and one of the dolls. it´s a baby. I´ll send it.

Oh one more funny thing about Puno. They have the worlds largest amount of hair salons on one street record I swear. And they funny thing with all these peluquerías is that they all have pictures of like famous people as their models as if those people had actually been there. There´s ones with Hilary Duff, Linsdey Lohan, even Beyonce. I just think it´s funny. 

Well for my spiritual thought this week, I´ll share something I read in my personal study this week. It was about Joseph Smith and how it´s so easy these days for people to fall away from the church because of the things said and read about Joseph Smith.And one thing Elder Neil Anderson said was that we need to fasten our own spiritual oxygen mask before we can help others with theirs, otherwise, we´ll be caught in the same trap. And I know this to be true because if we are not continually striving to strengthen our own testimony, we will not and we cannot help others. And so what I say is the same as Elder Anderson. Learn for yourself. It´s the only way to help others and to stay strong for yourself.

Well I´m out! This internet cafe is playing a bunch of american music and it´s kinda stressing me out. Like right now it´s Pumped up Kicks. Weird.

I Love you all and hope everyone is just dandy! Keep being awesome and SHARE THE GOSPEL!! Thanks!
Hermana Rust
The color was naranja by the way.... 

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