Monday, August 24, 2015

#13 Lame email... I´m sorry!

So I have approx. 4 minutes to write this so we´re gonna be brief.

 Update. We had a special conference with our ward and another ward that lost their sister missionaries and now we´re one ward! Our wards were combined and now we are no longer barrio Victoria and barrio Los Incas, we are Barrio Central. Kinda a lame name if you ask me, but I wasn't on the naming committee so,,, I mean what can I do. In the process they released everyone who had a calling in both wards and so now we have no leaders or anything, Just a bishopric. So things are a little crazy and now my sector is twice the size and I´m not really sure what to think about it, but there you have it!

 And I´m really sorry that's all I have time for! And I left my camera in the house of some other hermanas so I can´t even send pictures! I promise I´m not turning into a lame mission emailer, just this one time I promise!

I love everyone and see you next week!

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