Saturday, August 1, 2015

#9 Oh He loves me!

So usually I spend a good... half hour thinking about what I am going to say in this email. But alas, I have not had sufficient time to think about it today!  But here goes nothing.

1. We had a conference with Elder Uceda of the seventy this past week! It was super cool and I got to conduct the hymns! Now Elder Uceda knows that I can lead! Not that that is important... But yeah super cool and I learned a lot, well about as much as I could in Spanish. Poor Hermana Gonzalez was hacking up a lung the whole time, but besides that, it was swell.
2. So we had this family home evening with a new couple in the ward and it was basically the best night ever. Hermana G. and I want to start teaching the members how to teach so they actually share with their friends and give us references. So we started with this couple. They are called Fioriela and Dennis. They are both converts to the church, Fioriela 6 years and Dennis 3, and they are just so strong. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon and how to share the introduction with others. And then I bore my testimony, sort of, and Hermana G. Bore a powerful testimony, and then Fioriela bore an earth shattering testimony and we all just cried together. And one thing she said to me that just put me over the moon was, and I quote, translated,,, "Hermana Rust, I know you said that you can''t speak Spanish very well (Yeah I said that ) but I just want you to know that we can understand you perfectly. Through the spirit that you bring and that you have. We can understand you. And thank you." AWESOME RIGHT!! And after that, on that day at least, I was way more confident in my Spanish and just talked regardless of whether or not my Spanish was totally correct. What she said helped me out a lot and I've been able to remember this and it's given me boosts of confidence through out the week.

3. I went on my first intercambio this week with one of the Hermana Leaders. Her name is Hna Mendez and she is from Argentina and pronounces all double l's (like llama) as sh's or shama. And because of this, I was terrified to go with her because I didn't want to not understand her because believe it or not, those sha's make a difference. So I was freaked. But it ended up being... Alright. Not horrible which is really good! I could understand her waaay more than I thought I could. 

4. We have a recent rescue that we are teaching named Alejandro. He is something like 70 years old and I just want him to be my Peruvian Grandpa. I don't understand what he says 87% of the time, but he is just the cutest old thing I've ever met. He owns a little tienda and always gives us chocolates and excuses about why he didn't do his family history. But I can't even be mad at him because he's so cute. We finally did his family history with (for?) him this past week and it was funny watching him trying to remember the birth dates of his kids and siblings. I love our Alejandrito. 
Well that's a little bit about my week. No baptisms yet, which is a bummer. But we're hoping for this Sunday for Rafa. We''ll see. 

Oh and I just love watching the District. It fills the void in my heart that Netflix left. But there's one episode with a lady named Jynx. And they were talking about how much they Elders loved her and one of the members that was present in the lesson says "Well if they love you this much, think about how much Heavenly father cares about you!"To which Jynx responds, with all the conviction and normality in the world Oh he loves me! And this is how I feel. Everyday I find something else, something knew that makes me say "OH He loves me!"So look for those things to. Because He does! I know it! And I love you all too! 

Ciao! (This is not the Spanish spelling, but I like it better... ) 
Hermana Rust 

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