Monday, December 21, 2015


Well Fredi, after that amazing lesson with Hna Maritza, FINALLY ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED HERE IN PUNO ON THE 16TH OF JANUARY!!! 

 Oh my gosh I cried. I just was so happy. Like before he just was like "Hey yeah I wanna get baptized but I wanna wait and do it in Lima." But in our lesson I asked him, So Fredi have you thought more about baptism and the things Hermana Maritza said? And he told me "yeah Hermanas. I've been thinking a lot. And praying a lot. And meditating a lot. And after all that, I've decided that yeah, why should I wait? I want to get baptized here. Before I leave to go to Lima." Can I get a WHOOOP?! Like I actually whooped in the lesson. It was totally necessary. And I asked him if we could plan a date right now and he said " Yeah. When can I get baptized?" And we set a date, taught him a great lesson, he came to church, and everything is just going swimmingly. By far the happiest moment of my mission. Like when Maxi got baptized, it was equally happy, but it was just such a fight with  Fredi and we finally won!!! It was a good day that day. Super good.

Other good news, Gaby, the one who was going to get baptized like 3 months ago, finally is going to get baptized. Next Saturday!!! We finished her papers yesterday and she's already had all the lessons for months and we're finally gonna get er done! So January is looking to be a pretty good month. I'm really excited!

In sad news, our one baptism that we had planned, she decided to get up and head off to Arequipa without telling us and she was supposed to get baptized this week. But alas, that did not happen. And because Arequipa. I'm bummed. 

I don't think I really have anything else to say... just one more thing. Today was pday de zona and I went to go get the volley ball that fell in the puddle, slipped and fell and got all wet. It was really lame. 

Well family I will see you so soon! And so we'll plan for saturday, 12:00 your time. I can't wait to see you all! Love you!  

These are some cute kids that I just adore. Ian Paul, Erik, and Fabrizio 

Long live llama sweaters. It's seriously my favorite thing I own

That's a rabbit that the elders had that they were going to kill and eat. I don't think they ever did. 

District chanu chanu! Me, Elder Pearce, Elder Bravo, Elder Reyes, and Hermana Rodriguez. Well Actually, that's not our district anymore. But yeaaaah. Oh elder Flores is in there too next to elder Pearce. 

We love integrackers. 

And last one, that's me living up to my momma leading the missionary choir in good ol Puno Peru! 

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