Monday, March 7, 2016

#41 Transfers....

Well today are Cambios. And I'm staying here in Talavera!! Ha biiig shock. But I'm happy. Before, I kind of wanted a transfer.. I wasn't seeing the progress that I wanted here so I thought it might be better to transfer to a different place. But now that I know that I'm staying, I'm happy....

Because that means that I will be able to keep teaching the CUTEST OLD MAN EVER! His name is Alberto, he's 82 years old, and we found him looking for less active members. We knocked on his shop's door and asked for some girl whose name I do not remember, he said he didn't know her, we told him that we were missionaries here to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, he told us to come right on in because he loves Jesus, we told him we'd come by another day because we didn't have a woman to accompany us, he said he's be waiting for us the next Tuesday. He's so cute. He laughs at all his own jokes like Kelby Robinson does and told us about how his wife passed away and that when she was alive, she used to beat her kids with a wooden spoon, but it's ok because they deserved it. He was also a little afraid of his wife. Hahah in a cute way. And he told us that all his kids call him everyday, but he lives in Talavera alone making suits and the likes the Bible and he wants to know exactly what is Eternal life and how to obtain it.

We went with an Hermana in our ward, Hermana Fortunata, she's a whole other story of middle aged cuteness, and she invited him to the church. He said, and I'm taking some liberties with this "Honey, I wake up at 6:00 every morning. Come on over and we'll go together." And that's exactly what they did. I think Alberto might have eyes for Fortunata, but she's only 56 so I'm not sure how'd that work out... But when she picked him up. she did so in style! In her best jacket skirt combo, all blue and lace-y. She looked good. I'm taking more liberties, but he's just the cutest old man! He came in a suit that I'm sure he made himself and stayed for Sacrament Meeting.

 In the middle of the meeting, his phone went off and I think it scared him a little and he looks at us and asks "What do I do? Shall I turn it off?" all the while Hermano Juan is bearing his testimony, and annoyed that his testimony got interrupted by the movistar ring tone. And those of you who have been to Peru and have heard the movistar ringtone know that it's not something easy to ignore. But yeah Alberto pulled out his phone, very slowly, almost painfully slow, looked at the name, and told us "Mejor si lo contesto" or, "Yeah better if I answer." Well He's 82 people. So he doesn't hear that well. Nor can he hear when he talks. So he's yelling into his phone while Hermano Juan is still at the pulpit trying to testify of.. well really I don't know what because I was to busy trying to fight back laughter from this crazy incident that we were having with our new investigator. Luckily the call was quick and he hung up and went back to reading the Book of Mormon that Fortunata had given him. I feel like he's Brother Huntington. Version PerĂº. And that makes me happy.

Well that's really all I wanted to share with you all today. I hope you enjoyed the story, it was 99.9% true and it kind of made my week. 
Old men will always be the cutest. Or the creepiest. Remember that kids. 
Love you all and hope you have a greaaaat week! 
Hermana Rust

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