Monday, March 14, 2016


 I've been thinking about it, and I think that I  would like to teach a class when I get home from the mission. To help me stay in touch with my studies because I know me and how easy it would be for me to fall out of my studies. So something to help motivate me. I would like that I lot I think, Teaching youth. 

The branch is still hanging in there, we're doing what we can. We've had a lot of little miracles this week, like finding new investigators that are golden (That's never happened to me before.) and less actives. It was a fulfilling week. Really full. And I like that. I hate empty weeks. They stress me out. Gosh I sure do hope I have this same mentality when I come home. Like staying busy. But yeah not going to think about that now.

Alberto is still listening to us and is still the cutest grandpa ever. There has been a festival this past weekend called Pukllay and it's apparently the biggest thing to hit Andahuaylas since indoor plumbing (Although lots of people don't have that either...) But like people come from all corners of Latin America to the small town of Andahuaylas to dance. And I didn't see ANY of it! Because I live NOT in Andahuaylas. And I know that I'm not here to see an international dance festival, but hey it'd be pretty cool. And it was just outside my grasp. 10 minutes outside me grasp. But yeah it's come and passed and then supposedly there's going to be a HUGE strike here, like dangerous, today. But nothing has happened. so that's good I guess.

I don't send pictures because I don't take pictures because my camera has malogrado. I'm not sure how to say that in English. It's... not working? I think. But I've taken a few pictures on the camera of my comp and we'll see if she'll let me borrow her camera really quick to send pictures... but if not, yeah I'll try again next week! 

Also, I hate to say this, but I could really use some new shoes. Like stylish mountain climbing shoes... if that exists. Because those black ones already have wholes in the bottoms. And I've gone looking for shoes here, but there are none because my shoe size here is 42 and they have up until 39. that's like a size 7. so That would be greatly appreciated!

 I love everyone! Hope all is well! send my loooove!
Hermana Rust

 That first picture is my zone/district. That's all of us. We are a zone and District. I have given us the name "Distrona". And it sounds like a lightning bolt should strike everytime that you say it if you ask me. 

And this is from a p-day a couple weeks ago. We were going to play soccer, but Hermana Seaton and Harris brought water balloons and we had a water war instead. Elder Escalante won. 

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