Monday, April 11, 2016

#45 And on that farm he HAD four ducks...

Well dad, you'd be proud of me. Because I think I am finally a Rust and that I can finally go to Rust camp and live to tell the tale because I have lived to tell the tale of the four ducks. And a hen.

We are going to have a baptism this week! Her name is Karin and you guys know absolutely nothing about her because... Well I still don't know her that well. You see, she was about to get baptized in November. Then didn't pass her interview (wasn't quiiiite ready yet) and then went to Lima for 4 months. And all I heard about her was that her name is Karina and that we needed to baptize her. Weeelll while she was in Lima, she went to the temple. And got totally converted! How great is that?! Temple power is real. So she came back about a month ago and then we met with her twice and told her Karina you've gotten your answer and you've just gotta do it. And she said Ok! So she's getting baptized this week. Her and her son! Whooo! But this past week she's been passing through some difficulties with her job and her son and it's been hard for her because the devil is the worst and wants to make it hard for her, but we've stepped in and said "No no no! Not today!" So we've been going to her house like everyday to serve her in whatever thing she needs. And it just so happens that Friday, she needed us to kill 4 ducks. And a hen.
Now we all know that I jump at the thought of blood and stripped membranes and phlegm (that g might be unnecessary...) but little Holly has grown up and been Peruvianized and I just rolled up my sleeves and went to work.
Well you see, I didn't actually do the killing. I just held it by it's wings while Hna Karina sliced the head off with a dull knife. But still got blood on my hands, figuratively and literally. I was the advocate in a duck murder! And I didn't pass out! Poor Sister Conde on the other hand was a little less than comfortable with the whole thing, especially when we finished killing one and then we put it down and it started hopping after us without a head... think that kinda scarred her. Oh also when the hen kept clucking... without a beak. And head. That one got to me a little more. But I don't know, I get stepping on that baby chick all those years ago really desensitized me. I didn't even blink. And then after that, we "Peeled" them, or rather, we de-feathered them. And let me tell you that's harder than it looks! I wish I had brought my tweezers, or maybe some hot wax because those suckers would just not come out! And then I even helped a little bit to cut it open and clean out the innards.

 Guys, WHO AM I?! Seriously after it happened its like... I don't even know who I am anymore. The mission changes you in more ways than I expected I guess. So a couple weeks ago it was the guinea pig, this week, the ducks. I think next week I'll take on a pig.

So yeah, the focus more than anything this week was helping out Karina. And now she's feeling good and we're feeling good and one more person is making covenants with God! Could anything else be better? No would be the answer to that.
Well Those were kind of the highlights of the week. And of my life. 
Try to top that my friends. Try to top that. 
Well I'm gonna leave it at that and I hope everyone is well and happy and I love you alllll! Remember the church is true and God is good. 

Hermana Rust 

That's me, peeling a duck. 

 And that's my DISTRONA!! 

Today for Pday we went to a place called Pacucha! Absolutely GORGEOUS!

 Still Pacucha. And jumping. 

 Look! I'm a real missionary! There's a whole in my shoe!

 This is the cute grandpa we are teaching. I LOVE HIM!! 

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  1. Looks beautiful and your duck story reminds me of our thanksgiving turkey no one could kill...someone did eventually but it wasn't the missionaries. lol thanks for sharing your adventures