Monday, April 4, 2016


Well first things first. I bought a camera! It was a horribly long process however and I definitely feel the opposition from Satan for not wanting me to document my mission. But ha I won so take that opposition! So now I will be sending a lot more pictures. They might be selfies... but that's just how it is!

Second thing. No, I have not gotten the shoes yet. Transfers are in 2 weeks, so I'll probably get them then. There's not much travel between Cusco and Talavera so... when the ZL's go to concilio, they usually bring back the goods. But I'm sure I'll have them soon.

I loved alllll the talks so much. There were ones that touched me more than others and some that were sent straight from God to me, but all very good. I love conference so much. But it's not really that big of a... thing, here. Like everyone came for the Sunday morning session but didn't show up for the other 3 sessions and it just made me really sad. Because like... Elder Rasband talked about I believe, it's such a privilege to be able to sustain our leaders and Prophet. When I was younger, it was the part I paid the least attention to, but now its just so... fulfilling, to know that there is a chosen Prophet of God on the earth and that I love him, support him, and sustain him. So cool.
But yeah I'm sure you all have your own favorite moments and I have about 10 pages worth, but this morning I was looking over my notes and Elder Gong's caught my eye again. And one thing he said that just kind of made me stop and think was "Life must be understood backward, but lived forward". And how frustratingly true is that?! Like seriously. I think that this line really defines my mission. Because if every moment I am thinking "Why did we teach this person" or "Why did this happen" or "Why did this appointment fall through" and its just a lot of confusion and frustration because it seems like everything is flying from my control and I can't do a thing about it. But if we go back to that patience thing I learned last week, we realized that we just kind of have to live through it, and then after all is said and done, we gain a glimpse of understanding. Sometimes it's not complete, and sometimes doesn't make complete sense, but we can trust that after all, all will work together for our good. Love that phrase. So that was one of the 30392017 thoughts I had during the conference and Just wanted to share that with you
Oh also I love how hip Elder Holland is. Didn't even know that picture was a thing.
And one more thing, my favorite part of it all was probably when Elder Rasband was talking about Peter all seriously and then paused and then said ".... Pretty Bold!" hahah we were all laughing at that part and I don't even know why probably because I haven't heard English in a really long time so... everything is amusing
 I wanted to write this week about my interview with President Harbertson. It was really interesting to me and I just want to share with you what he shared with me.
So he came to our house and we talked for about 15 minutes. And the first thing we talked about was how hard it was for me to adjust to Talavera and leave Puno. And he gave me some counsel to not let where I am keep me from being happy. Rather, I should let what I am doing make my life full of happiness. But then he asked me a question. He asked me what my biggest fear was. And I thought for a moment. And then I came to the conclusion that my biggest fear is not living up to the expectations of my family and the ones I have set for myself. And when I said that I was a little surprised. Because you and dad NEVER pushed me beyond my limitations. And that's a good thing. You never made me feel bad for who I am and always helped me become better. And you never compared me to any other siblings. So then why would that be my fear right.   That's another thing we learned in the conference, that my faith depends on me. No one else. Satan tries to conform us to something that we are not. Even someone that we are not. He tries to convince us that if one person falls, everyone will. I trusted more in my weakness than in my strength. And as I have reflected this this week, I have felt comfort. Comfort that if I try, Like elder Holland says, we get credit for trying, then I will be alright.  So that was my fear. But now I think it's more of a strength. Remember how God takes weak things and makes them strong, well in the course of my mission, God has turned this weakness into a strength. I know who I am and I know what I can be. I just need him to get there. And I won't fall.

Well this week should be good and I thank you for your prayers.
Love Hermana Rust

We are the Hermanas from the Andahuaylas Distrona. 
There's Hermana Fernandez, she's from Cochebamba, then my compi, then me, and then Hermana Seaton. She's from Oregon. 

 This is my beautiful little Talavera. It's seriously gorgeous here! 

 This is Cintia. She's the little sister of Maribel who lives with us in our house. Everyone here, well at least all of my companions have thought that it is absolutely insane how big my lips are and I finally found someone who has large lips as well. So we took this picture to commemorate. She's 12.

And this is an Ozzy Osborn look alike without the blue circular glasses. 
                 also its what I would look like with black hair in case you were wondering. 

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