Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The mornings!! They are so beautiful! Who knew how nice mornings were? Seeing as I used to wake up at like...9. SO That's been a nice addition to my life since the mish. 

Ok so I still am not very good at this whole emailing things so here's a lot of random but important (or not) things about life in the CCM. So I didn't bring any journals or notebooks here because I was a dummo and thought that stuff would be readily available here. Ha no. All the notebooks available ONLY HAVE GRAPH PAPER!!!! Its so annoying and I couldn't find any lined paper notebooks until today. So that's cool. 

Also I didn't get to talk a lot about PDay last week so here we go. Pday is awesome because we actually get less sleep (ok not that part is awesome) but we do get to wake up and go to the temple. And I love it. Its the smallest temple 'ever seen and its in a sketch part of town (the whole town is pretty sketch but...) but its still beautiful and I love the opportunity I have to go there every week. Its the best. Today I went through the session in Spanish and I actually understood it and it was way cool! And when ever I go through the temple, Its like I can hear grandpa Skousen's voice saying the words to me, especially here in Lima. I can really feel him around me and its really helping me out a lot. I miss grandpa.

 And then after the temple we go shopping. Today it was at this 3 story grocery store! Its massive! It's called metros and they have everything from granola to washing machines. So I don't know if its correctly identified as a grocery store. And then we went to "Garajes" and I bought a Renaldo jersey because you cant even consider yourself a missionary at the CCM if you don´t have either a Renaldo or Messi jersey and I was tired of being left out. And it was black and pink so really I couldn't say no. And no I don't know anything about Renaldo or Messi or soccer in general. But who cares! Oh and bus rides are terrifyingly fun... like still terrifying but you're laughing so hard because its so terrifying.

 This week my Latinas left me. I got really close to 4 of them and it was so sad having to say goodbye to them! We could hardly communicate about anything except  maybe the food and bumble bees (we have a 20 min convo about bees. it was awesome. lots of "zzzzzzz-ing" to get our point across) but we just loved them and they loved us. And the advancianos (norte americanos) left for their various missions. That was also sad. I got to be friends with a couple of them and Ill miss them. Oh here's a little piece of mission advice. If you are senior companion and you forget your PMG in your room on Sunday and don't have it for Sunday school., you will get publicly reprimanded by your branch counselor. That was a highlight I guess. Don't forget your PMG for Sunday school! Oh yeah I'm senior comp which basically means nothing in the CCM except that you cant forget your PMG. Got it? DONT FORGET IT! 

SO everyday MTC life is... the same everyday. I wake up, eat breakfast, go to class for 3 hours and then lunch, then more class, then teaching "investigators" (they're just my teachers) and then more class. and dinner is in there somewhere. I lose it amongst all the classes. But yeah that's what I do everyday. Luckily I've got an awesome district who keeps me entertained. But last night me and Hna Baker were "teaching" and we committed our "investigator" to baptism! We were interrupted by a giant cricket that decided to show its disgusting self and we all went into a screaming panic, but we got the commitment nonetheless! And even though she isn't a real investigator, I was just so excited and I really felt the spirit and It made me pumped to actually get out there!

 I sweat all the time here. Its so humid. It kills me. Except for in those beautiful mornings. I don't really know what else to say besides that I am really happy to be here. I am really happy to be a missionary and to learn Spanish (most of the time) and to do everything I didn't think I could do! But now I know I can. Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadera. Yo se que Presidente Tomas S Monson es un profeta de Dios. Yo se que todas cosas son posible mediante Dios el Padre y su Hijo JesuCristo. Esta concimiento ayudame cada dia. I love everyone! Whoever reads this! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and I hope everyone is well! Gracias y les amo!
Hna Rust 

My district! Hnas in the back are Hna Howell *brown hair) Batty (Blond) and Tanuvasa. Then Elders are Wilde (on the ground) Vance (blonde) and Craig (glasses) Apparently Elder Vance knows Eric and Madi. He went to school with Madi.

Me and Hna. Tanuvasa on the first night that we flew in! I was so sweaty. This was at like 3 in the morning.

 My Latinas! I love them so!

Hna Baker. My comp. Shes a doll!


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