Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#3 Mas O Menos

Back story about mas o menos. It is seriously the catch phrase of my district. To any question, that is the answer. "Como esta?" "Mas o menos" "Como fue su dia" "mas o menos". We live the mas o menos life here. Elder Vance is the once that coined the phrase living the vida mas o menos. Oh and for you gringos out there, that means more or less. It just our favorite thing to say here.

Ok so this week was pretty good. They´re starting to go by faster but at the same time I feel like I´ve been here for years but that's alright. I´m slowly loving it more and more. One of the best things about this week is that at 6:15 in the morning (15 minutes before we had to get up might I add) we got a knock on our door and there was a Latina standing there asking for Hermana Rust. Well I was dead basically so I might have been a bit short with her but I told her it was me and then she asked if I knew Hermana Ramos from Las Vegas. It took me a while but it finally registered and I said yes and then she handed me this little package addressed to me from Alyssa Ramos! I was so excited! The Latina was from Cusco and had brought it from there to the CCM! I don't know Alyssa all that well but the package was just the sweetest thing ever and I was so happy! Inside were 5 of my all time favorite talks (4 are by President Uchtdorf), so candy, some laminate paper for my first planner to decorate, hand sanitizer, and a letter from her. And it was seriously exactly what I needed. Such a tender mercy from God and Hermana Ramos.

Then on Sunday we had this amazing testimony meeting. My district had the goal for all of us to bear our testimonies in Spanish and I did! It was really broken and probably not understandable, kinda like my written one last week, but it was fun to be able to do it and I felt the spirit so strong. And then Hermana Park (from another district) got up and bore her testimony and it started off with her grabbing the mike, pulling it as close to her face as possible, and basically yelled "What a time to be alive!!!" She just bore her testimony about how happy she was and how happy she was to be here and how we should all just be happy. And it really got to me. Because I had allowed myself a little bit to fall into the bad habits of "oh I´ll be happy once I get out of the CCM" or "Once I have my first baptism" or "once I get home" (Yes I thought that once... whoops.) But then I realized that I can be happy now!° Like thats totally allowed! I don´t have to wait for some grand event. One of the talks Hermana Ramos sent me was "Of Regrets and Resolutions" by Uchtdorf. Great talk. I love it. And in it it says that one of the greatest regrets of peoples lives is that they didn't let themselves be happy in their lives. And I am not going to make that mistake. I only have 3 more weeks here and I'm going to make them the happiest weeks of my life! So challenge for everyone, don´t wait to be happy. You are allowed to be happy right now. So just do it!

Today was an awesome P day. Our district had another goal (my district is awesome) to talk to 3 people while we were out and about in Lima. And me and Hna Baker actually did it! Well she did one by herself because I was checking out, but then we talked to 2 guys and they were totally receptive and actually flipped through the copies of the Book of Mormon that we gave them (yeah we even gave them a book of Mormon!!) after we walked away! It was so cool! Peruvians talk fast. and quiet. So everyone that told me they talked slowly, y'all deceived me. Because I couldn't understand  them hardly at all. But I felt the spirit with me and I was able to pick out a few things to keep the conversation going! It was awesome! This Saturday, all the intermedios (that's me) get to go out proselyting and I am so pumped! Actual mission work with actual people! Wooo! Well I think that's all folks! Oh I survived an earthquake. Now that's all! Love you all and thanks for the emails! Noelle you didn't send me pictures and its making me a bit homicidal. Anyways Loves to all! Hasta Luego!
Hermana Rust 

The first picture is my comp after "proselyting" today. A bird stinkied on her... but she was happy anyways because shes a missionary!!

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