Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#5 And I´m ON my knees!

Yes and I realize... The only thing I know is...

The only reason to have bruises on your knees is from praying. Only valid reason. And it is my reason. I am on my knees all the time. I probably spend more time on my knees than anything else. And it´s not like I´m doing a total over abundance of praying (well is there such thing?) it´s just that every time we pray(which is at least 47 times a day) it´s on our knees. And it´s really cool. I love being able to say that I have bruises on my knees. From praying. It´s the only way to go if you ask me...

Anywho. This week was... normal. It´s my last letter from the CCM and I don´t really know what to think about that. I´m super excited to go to Cusco (and the surrounding areas...) and not understand anything anyone is saying! I genuinely am! I´ve never been so excited to be completely lost. 6 more days. Whoop!

Anyways this week was normal. Classes, teaching, pollo y arroz. The whole enchilada. One thing that is noteworthy, however, was that we got to watch the broadcast of the dedication of the Trujillo Temple! Now that was something! It was so cool. I´ve never been to or watched a dedication of anything and it was just.. awesome. Elder Uchtdorf was presiding and he was just adorable! When they were sealing in the corner stone, he just kept making all this awkward commentary and it was fun to see him talk without a teleprompter. We were convinced here at the CCM that he was going to make a surprise appearance here after he left Trujillo... no luck so far but we´re not giving up quite yet! But yeah dedication was super fun. He invited come children to come up and seal the stone as well and he just kept saying things like "Oh you will be a craftsman my boy!" and "oh  you start here, they messed this part up" And "don´t worry if it looks bad. I don´t think anyone can actually do this well." He´s a funny man. And the whole dedication was spectacular. I understood most of the spanish speakers so that was.. shocking. Totally cool experience and I´m glad I had it!

Well... That´s about all I have this week. And I probably won´t get the chance to write next week... because I´ll be flying out on that p-day. So this is so long for a couple weeks. And the next time you here from me, I´ll be a real life missionary!! I´m so excited. I´ve loved being her in the CCM, but it is time to spread my gospel wings and fly! I need to get to the land I was called to and teach MY people.

The Church is true. God lives. Jesus lives. And they love us. What else do you need?
Love you all and thanks for everything! 

This is Hermana Quakenbush. Quack. N. Bush. That's her name. I love her soley for that reason. It makes me happy.

 My district. Siempre Navidad (that´s what we call ourselves and basically all it means is that we sing Christmas hymns occasionally in our classes and keep a baby christmas tree in our room) Elder Wilde, Elder Vance, Elder Craig, our teachers Hermana Chacon and Hermana Loayza and then me, Hna Baker, Howelle, Tanuvasa, and Batty.

 Everyone that I came into the MTC with. They are all the best. And that´s Hermana Park I´m suffocating. She is also the best.

This is Hermana Wilson. We´re best friends. She´s like my little sister but she´s a year older than me. No biggy. 

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