Monday, June 13, 2016


Well this week I wasn't actually very productive. I got a cold that hit me like a .... really bad cold. It was awful. And Wednesday I believe... I was in divisions with an Hermana and we had to stay inside because I got a migraine that I'm positive came straight from the devil that split my head in two for a good three hours. We were in lunch and all the sudden it just started throbbing and I started sobbing because it HURT SO BAD! I think I scared our pensionista's daughter because when we were going home in a taxi, I got a phone call from Hermana Harbertson (the president's wife) asking if I was ok. (I think I have to explain that a little. I pension at the house of Hermana Vicky, who works for president and sister Harbertson. So I think the daughter called her mom who told Hermana Harbertson. I was a little embarrassed... but tevs.) So yeah I was in the house all day and we decided to call the Zone Leaders to give me a blessing because I could just not stop crying because it hurt so bad! So they came and theeee cooooolest thing happened. Elder Choque is the one who gave me the blessing. And the instant he put his hands on my head, I literally felt the pain leaving my head through my ears. Like those cartoons where the smoke comes out of their ears because they are really mad, well that happened to me, but it was pain coming out because the power of God is AMAZING! It was the quickest relief I've ever gotten from any blessing and I know that it was the priesthood power. I love the priesthood. Performing Miracles since 1,000+ BC. And one more got performed this week for me. The priesthood is soooo real! 

This week I was only with my companion for one day. And we were both still sick. And it's because we were in exchanges allll week! But it's fun doing exchanges with all the sisters. I get to know them and help them and they help me and I learn a ton from them! It's like the best and worst thing about being an Hermana Leader. I'm almost never with my companion, which is sad because I love my little Borjita, but I also have like 10 other companions. So for that reason it's cool.
Well I don't have a lot of time this week, I'm sorry! But I'm thinking that next week I will have a ton so it will be a nice long juicy letter! To make up for little words, I'll send some fun fotos from today!
Love ya!
Hermana Rust

My last interview with President... that was sad.  I love them both so much! 

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