Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#55 New Beginnings

 Well this week is just going to be a whole lot of new. President Harbertson leaves this week, as does my companion, my little Borjita. She's ending her mission and will be back in Ecuador before the week is up. I can't believe that the time has already come. It makes me sad having to say goodbye, but it's also good I think. Change is good. I hate admitting that.. but change is good.

However, not everything is new. Why? Well just wait till you hear who my new companion is!!! HERMANA CONDE!!! That's right, my dear Hermana Conde with who I was with in Talavera 2 changes is coming here to Cusco to be my companion again!! Ahhh when I heard I just screamed! I never thought I'd have the same companion twice,  but here we are! She actually just got here and it was a very happy reunion. Now we'll be the Hermana Leaders here in Cusco to give Presidente Herrerah the grand welcome! Can you believe it?? So I'm very happy for that. Very sad to say goodbye to Hermana Borja, but very happy to be with Condesita again.

 Well I haven't got a lot of time, I'm very sorry! Next week things should be slowing down a little bit, so I should have time then... but right now no tanto. Lo siento! But I'm doing well and we'll see how this transfer goes!
Hermana Rust!

That's a puppet of me that one of our less actives made for a class. Cute huh! Somos igualitas! 

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