Monday, November 16, 2015

#24 Manan Canchu Colque

Guys I'm learning Quechua! And it is legit! That phrase up there means "No hay plata" Which in turn means " There's no money" or mejor dicho "I'm broke". When we went to Cusco two weeks ago, we went contacting in the plaza, and all the little street vendors assumed I was a tourist and didn't know Spanish, let alone Quechua and assumed that I was white (ok, well I a white... ) and that I had a lot of money so they're just all in my face (well not really, they were all actually quite kind) but they would say "Comprame gringa! Comprame amiga!" which means buy my stuff, and then when I would reply with Manancanchu Colque, they would all get really surprised and then laugh and then walk away. So now I just say it all the time! I love it! I've also learned a little bit, tiiiiny bit of Imara. Imara is more common here in Puno because it's the language of the sierras, so people here speak it. I've learned Camisaraki (That means como estas) and then you respond with wakili (and that means bien) Imma be coming back to all y'all 4 lingual (what is bilingual but with four?)!

Well this week was a little slow. But I guess that's what you get when you put together a gringa that just barely got out of her training with a Latina who is in her training. But I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I'm not having to teach someone how to speak Spanish. Hallelujah! But as for my Hija linda preciosa, she really is quite something. The first week she was reeeally quiet. But this week holy cow she just broke out of her shell and we're just having a grand old time! It's the best! I mean we still have a huge communication barrier, but with a little Spanglish and some charades, we can usually figure it out.

 One of (our only actually) baptisms fell through because she didn't come to church and now she doesn't have enough attendances to be baptized so that's a bummer. Also Gaby still hasn't tied the knot and we're not sure when that is going to happen. But in happier news, Julio, from like four months ago, is doing really well! ]On Saturday he came to a baptismal service and he really enjoyed it! It's actually the second one he's been to! But here's the kicker, I have an English class that I teach Saturdays at four. So I invited Julio to come again, and he said he would. But I had forgotten that we had a baptism at four. So in comes Julio half way through this baptism because hey 4:45 is the new 4:00, all ready to English it up, but it wasn't English class! Hahah it was so funny to see his face because he was all... que? But he stayed all the same and really liked it! So hey investigator in the baptism gratis!!! I was a big fan.

 My comp is great. I'm still figuring out training. Luckily I have a book that gives me all that I need to know and luckily again, (but also unluckily) I just got out of my training and I know mas o menos what is up!  I really don't have much more to say about it specifically. Like I read a book and it tells me what we should do and then we do it... And that's training. But it's fun and I am learning a lot! 

Well I've gotta go now but I love you all and hope everyone is finding happiness in all the things that they do! Les Amo, y chao! 
Hermana Rust! 

This is elvira. She was a baptism from the elders in our ward. And then Saturday, her husband and son got baptized! Whoop!

This is just funny because she got stuck. Lol.

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