Monday, November 30, 2015

#26 Of Risks and Riots

So this week was a really interesting one. We'll just jump right in ok?

So I was getting really tired of my ratty hair that I flat iron all the time that would literally break off if I even touched it so I handed Hermana Baker my paper cutting scissors and she just went to town. She cut off a good 2 inches and now my hair is a little less ratty and a lot shorter. But hey she didn't do half bad! I kinda butchered my bangs, but hey when in Puno! So that was fun. I'll attach some pictures. 

 Theeeeen Wednesday, I was in divisions with my beloved Hermana McMahon and we were just doing our studying, feeling the spirit and all that jazz, and all the sudden, we hear yelling and glass bottles breaking. I thought it was just a couple of kids having fun the Peruvian way (well really in any way. Breaking glass is fun) But little did I know, there was a huge group of women sitting outside our apartment breaking glass and stopping traffic and starting fires and I was just like.. hmmm this can't be right. Well, supposedly, there was a big paro planned for Wednesday because the price of water and electricity went up. And this isn't just your normal everyday riot or strike,. Nobody had their cute little picket signs with offensive but clever names. No this was angry Peruvians with glass bottles and ignited tires. It really was something to behold. They had stopped traffic completely, which is nuts because we live on a pretty busy highway, and if anyone tried to pass on their motos or in their cars, it was rocks and bottles to the head. It was kind of scary! And the weirdest thing was that the majority of them were women! With babies on their backs. Rioting. We watched for a little bit because come on. It's a riot. I didn't take any pictures. Tells us not to in the white bible. But it was just nuts. We were stuck inside for a little bit because we were scared to leave. But it passed after 2 or 3 hours and then we went on our merry way again, preaching and testifying.
Later that week, one of the members of our ward (she actually lives in the other stakes but she comes to our ward) Invited us and the Elders to thanksgiving. She and her family had lived in Utah for like 7 years so they got really good at american traditions. But it's a little harder to complete the traditions here in Peru. So we didn't have turkey. Or potatoes. Or Cranberry sauce. We had a good ol fashioned Peruvian meal complete with Inca Kola. But it was fun to just be with a family on Thanksgiving. WE all went around and said what we were thankful for and I was just thankful to feel somewhat at home. Hermana Silvia is a Peruvian Version of Natalie, and her son would have some fun conversations with Travis and Derrick if they had the chance. So it was like I was in a regular old Thanksgiving sass battle with the family. I liked it a lot. Then that night, Hermana Baker and Tirrell treated us to instant potatoes with a mushroom soup that tastes freakishly like gravy and canned chicken with bread and jam (kind of like rolls...) and no bake cookies. It was actually really satisfying and almost tasted like thanksgiving. But it was fun to share it with the Hermana's . I'm so glad they're here. That was thanksgiving. 

Then we had some of the greatest lessons of our companionship!!! We have this lady named Isable. She's kinda a stubborn one. She's not married (not a big surprise) and we've been trying to  get her to introduce her husband to us for like ever she we can plan a wedding and get this girl baptized! But she's been refusing because she knows that he's going to say no and doesn't want to ask him and it's been super frustrating. Buuuuuut this week, we were leaving and as I was walking down the stairs, this man starts frantically waving at me. Now I just thought he was a renter there too , but he shakes my hand and gives me a big kiss (this part was unexpected and I didn't have time to react!) and tells us "thank you so much for visiting Isabel!" And I'm just like Hey no big deal who are you? And he tells me he's Isabel's "husband" (partner... whatever) and we're like SWEEEEET! So we're going to have an appointment with him because he just seems super nice and receptive and now we're gonna get them hitched and baptized in one fell swoop (that's how that goes right?) and it's going to be sups chevs. (Super Chevre AKA super Cool. I can't remember if I've already explained that or not... but it's gonna be big in Peru. Imma start a slang.)
And then other miracle this week : WE GOT THROUGH A WHOLE LESSON WITH JULIO!!! This is unheard of! Julio looooves to talk and give us the philosophies of life and the heavens and stuff, which don't get me wrong is really interesting and cool, but not exactly why I'm here. So we just went in thinking si o si, he's going to listen and we are going to teach the restoration (probs not the best mindset to go into a lesson, but oh was it necessary) so we start, and we talk, and we ask him questions, and he responds in a normal amount of words, and we testify, and we move on, and repeat! And we finish! And it was a really great lesson. HE told us before that he didn't want to get baptized yet because he doesn't know anything (because we could never get a word in our lessons) But now he's learning more and faster and we're going to challenge him again and pray he says yes! Because he's attended the church pretty regularly since my first transfer here. So since July. That's a ton of time guys. AND he went, all by himself, to the Priesthood session of stake conference this weekend. Just up and went! Like is that not amazing? So we're just gonna teach the daylights out of him ( I don't think  I used that expression correctly...) and the he's going to be ready and I really feel he'll take the plunge this month. Like for reals. It's gonna be awesome.
Well everyone, my time is far spent. I think I covered everything I wanted to cover with you guys and I hope you enjoyed it just like I enjoyed my makeshift thanksgiving. Well I hope you enjoyed it more than that actually! Hey how great is the Christmas video? Super simple, but really powerful. Do me a favor and spread that thing like wild fire. Don't let any of your friends leave your presence with out putting it on first. And then tell them to share it. and before long the world will feel of the blessing that a savior is born. For unto us a son is Given. I love that line. He was given. To us. And how can we go through life living with people that don't know that. So help a sister missionary out and help all your loved ones out. Share. Share! SHARE!!!! That's your homework. And send me your ideas and experiences of how I can share it too! I need some ideas. There's a zone competition and mama's gotta win! Thank you all and I'll see you real soon! Christmas is just around the corner! It's actually coming a lot faster than I expected.Slow down! Love you all share it and preach it!
Hermana Rust

That's how much she cut off! 

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